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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Yakpo, Kofi-School of Humanities (Linguistics)Language contact & change; Creoles, pidgins & koines; Areal linguistics & linguistic typology; Language description & documentation; Languages & linguistics of Africa & the Caribbean; Asian diaspora languages; Language policy & planning, language ideologies
Yam, Judy Wai Ping任蕙蘋Department of PathologyMolecular biology in human cancers; The functional characterization of tumor suppressors and oncogenes and elucidation of cellular signaling pathways which contribute to the pathogenesis of cancers
Yam, Julius Shi-rong任石榮Department of LawConstitutional Law; Courts; Administrative Law
Yam, Vivian Wing Wah任詠華Department of ChemistrySupramolecular assemblies and organogels; Photochromic and photoswitching materials; Nanoclusters and Nanomaterials; Molecular electronics; Optoelectronic materials; Spectrochemical and luminescence chemosensors and biolabels
Yan, Aixin閆愛新School of Biological SciencesGram negative bacteria membrane components and structures under anaerobic conditions; Regulation of the multidrug resistance genes and virulence factors by anaerobic adaptation; Molecular mechanisms of the development of antibiotic resistance in response to environmental changes
Yan, Bin晏斌Applied Oral Sciences and Community Dental Care of the Faculty of DentistryDevelopment and application of computational biology/bioinformatics methods for integrative omics data analysis; Transcriptional and epigenetic regulatory networks underlying cancer, stem cells and plant stress resistance; Molecular biomarkers targeting cell signaling
Yan, Helen Hoi Ning甄凱寧Department of PathologyMolecular pathogenesis of gastrointestinal tract cancers; 3D organoid cultures
Yan, Shipeng顏示硼Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Institutional theory; Market emergence; Finance and society
Yan, Xiaojun閻小駿Department of Politics and Public AdministrationComparative political development; Authoritarianism, democratization, contentious politics; Comparative historical study of reform and revolution
Yan, Zheng-Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
Yan, Zheng嚴正Department of PhysicsQuantum many-body physics; Quantum magnetism; Quantum simulation and computing; Developing Monte Carlo algorithms; Constrained models (e.g., Quantum dimer/loop model); Quantum entanglement entropy/spectrum
Yang, Binbin楊彬彬School of Chinese (Chinese)Introduction to Chinese women's literature, The "sickly beauties": gender and illness in late imperial China
Yang, Bingyi-School of Public HealthTransmission dynamics of infectious diseases; Seroepidemiology
Yang, Chao楊超Department of Civil EngineeringWater and Environmental Engineering
Yang, Dan楊丹Department of ChemistryAminoxy acids as building blocks of foldamores; Chemistry and biology of triptolide; Oxidation chemistry; Catalytic,asymmetric cyclization for natural product synthesis
Yang, Dan楊丹Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Institute of Digital Economy and Innovation
Yang, Hailiang楊海亮Department of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceEquity linked insurance products; Actuarial science; Mathematical finance; Insurance risk models; Ruin theory; Optimal dividends strategies; Option pricing under regime switching models; Optimal asset allocation
Yang, Jun楊峻Department of Civil EngineeringSite response and earthquake ground motion; Seismic effects on geotechnical structures; Soil-structure interaction; Micromechanics and discrete element modelling; Geomaterial behaviour and constitutive modelling; Mechanism and evaluation of soil liquefaction
Yang, Jun楊軍Department of Chemistrydevelop new scalable high level electronic structure algorithms/methods for 1. computing excited states in molecules and materials; 2. performing quantum chemistry studies of light-harvesting systems; 3. energy and structures modelings of materials.
Yang, Lili楊力藶Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Culture and Cultural Studies; Higher Education Policy and Practice; Sociology and Philosophy of Education; Education in China; International and Comparative Education