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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Ip, Dennis Kai Ming葉啟明School of Public HealthSyndromic surveillance of infectious diseases; Public health genetics focusing on the translation of genetics researches into public health practice; Infectious disease epidemiology and modeling; Travel medicine and epidemiology of tropical and travel related diseases
Ip, Mary Sau Man葉秀文Department of MedicineLung cancer (clinical) research; Sleep disordered breathing; Obstructive airways disease
Ip, Patrick葉柏強Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent MedicineCommunity Paediatrics including the dimensions of early brain development; Underprivileged children; Safeguarding children; Child mental health; Disability and rehabilitation; Public health & health promotion; Early intervention
Ip, Wing Yuk葉永玉Department of Orthopaedics and TraumatologyFunctional reconstruction in Tetraplegia and upper limb paralytic conditions; Hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and reconstruction for paralysis; Hand function after Hand Injuries; Tissue engineering in bone regeneration and skin regeneration
Irene Ng吳呂愛蓮Department of PathologyLiver cancer - molecular genetics and cell signaling: Delineation of important cell signaling pathways; Liver cancer - molecular genetics and cell signaling: Finding and characterizing new genes
Irwin, Michael Garnet艾明高Department of AnaesthesiologyAcute pain management; Organ ischaemia reperfusion; Vascular anaesthesia; Anaesthetic pharmacology
Isaac Yue余文章School of Chinese (Chinese)Chinese Fiction: Traditional and Modern; Translation Studies; Chinese Food Literature and Culture; Literary Criticism; Nineteenth Century China-West Studies
J. Chan-
Jackson, Michael Ian-Department of LawCommercial crime; Cybercrime
Jang, Sung Tae張成泰Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Equity, Equality and Social Justice in Education; Educational Change, Leadership and Administration; Diversity, Ethnicity and Identity; Educational Policy; Research Methods and Methodologies
Jason Wong黃永瀚School of Biomedical SciencesCancer Genomics; Mutational processes; Gene regulation; Bioinformatics and computational biology
Jauch, Ralf-School of Biomedical SciencesCellular reprogramming; Directed molecular evolution in mammalian cells; Synthetic transcription factors; Structure-function relationships in gene regulation; Deep sequencing and data science
Javed, Asif-School of Biomedical SciencesCancer omics; Rare congenital disorders; Computational biology
Jaworski, Adam-School of EnglishText-based art; Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics; Language and Mobility; Globalization and superdiversity; Linguistic and semiotic landscapes; Nonverbal and visual communication
Jen, Julienne任文慧Department of Professional Legal EducationCivil Litigation and Advocacy; Medical Negligence; Commercial Law and Professional Practice
Jesse Xiao肖思哲University LibrariesOpen Research; Research Data Management; Bibliometrics; Research Assessment; Research Impact; Scholarly Communication
Jetty C. Y. Lee李忠英School of Biological SciencesOxidative stress and disease development; Oxidative damage biomarkers in biological samples using mass spectrometry; Antioxidant and oxidative stress in human nutrition; Oxidative stress and environmental stressors
Jia, Beisi賈倍思Department of ArchitectureHousing in Urban Density; Open Building; Sustainable Housing
Jia, He Michael賈鶴Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Contemporary Marketing Centre; Institute of Behavioural and Decision ScienceVisual Information Processing; Product Design and Aesthetics; Product Display and Advertising; Product-Related Decisions in the Post-Acquisition Stage; Product and Brand Management
Jia, Shi Jayson賈軾Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Behavioral Decision Making - Uncertainty and Risk; Epi-hedonics - The Psychology of Constructed Utility and Pleasure; Consumer and Social Networks