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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Habimana, Olivier-School of Biological SciencesFood Microbiology; Food Safety; Biofilms; Biofouling and Microbial ecology
Hagg, Erik Urban Oskar賀爾彬Orthodontics Unit of the Faculty of DentistryExperimental and clinical studies on growth modification.; Impact on quality of life of orthodontic treatment.; Clinical trials of orthodontic treatment.
Hai, Siu Han Jo Jo奚小嫻Department of Medicine
Halkias, Georgios-Centre of Buddhist StudiesTibetan Pure Land Buddhism; The transmission of Buddhism in imperial Tibet; Himalayan Buddhism; Tibetan Vajrayāna rituals, texts and meditative techniques; Buddhism in the Hellenistic Far East; Topics in comparative religion with an emphasis on intra and inter-religious contacts (e.g. Muslim-Buddhist interactions in Ladakh); Studies in comparative philosophy and religion
Hames, Aaron Jeffrey-Faculty of Arts
Hammers, Roslyn Lee韓若蘭School of Humanities (Art History)Chinese Art and Architecture; South Asian Art and Architecture
Han, Enze韓恩澤Department of Politics and Public AdministrationEthnic politics in China, China's relations with Southeast Asia, especially with Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, and the politics of state formation in the borderland area between China, Myanmar and Thailand
Han, Guangyue韓光躍Department of Mathematicscoding and information theory, cryptography and their applications
Han, Kai韓鍇Department of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceComputer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
Han, Sinn Won-Department of SociologySocial demography; Political demography; Norms and trust; Labor markets and public policies; Quantitative methodologies; Cross-national comparative research
Hao, Yu郝宇Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
Harper, Elizabeth Kate-School of Humanities (Humanities)
Hassan, Sammer Ul-Department of Mechanical EngineeringMiniaturization, Microfluidics and Droplet-based Microfluidics; Microsystems and Point-of-care diagnostics; Capillary-driven flows and paper microfluidics; Biosensor development; Antimicrobial resistance; Continuous biomarker monitoring from body fluids; Environmental Monitoring; Miniaturized detection systems
Hau, Chi Hang侯智恒School of Biological SciencesEcological restoration of degraded tropical landscape; Biodiversity assessment; Environmental impact assessment
Hayward, William Gordon夏偉立Faculty of Social Sciences; Department of PsychologyVisual perception and cognition, particularly face perception and object perception; Visual attention; Visual cognitive neuroscience
He, Guojun何国俊Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Institute of China Economy
He, Jian何健Department of Chemistry
He, Mu何睦School of Biomedical SciencesDevelopment and regeneration of the respiratory system; Airway mucus and cilia interaction; Airway organoid platforms for human disease modeling
He, Shenjing何深靜Department of Urban Planning and DesignUrban redevelopment/gentrification; Housing differentiation and socio-spatial inequality; Rural-urban migration and urban poverty; Neoliberal Urbanism
He, Xin賀欣Department of Law