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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Cai, Hongbin蔡洪濱Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Institute of China Economy
Cai, Zhanrui蔡占锐Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)High dimensional inference; Distribution-free inference; Conformal inference; Causal discovery; Differential privacy
Cannicci, Stefano-School of Biological SciencesMangrove ecology and conservation; Crabs-trees interactions in mangrove systems; Behavioural ecology of intertidal crabs; Evolutionary biology of intertidal and terrestrial crabs
Cao, Fan曹凡Department of PsychologyReading development and disorders; Second language learning; Other developmental disorders such as ASD
Cao, Jingcun曹競存Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Digital Marketing; Content Monetization; Policy Intervention; Entertainment Market; Mobile App Market
Cao, Peng曹鵬Department of Diagnostic RadiologyHigh-field magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; Anatomic and metabolic imaging using proton and heteronuclear MRI/MRS; Diffusion MR, MR pulse sequence; Image processing; MRI hardware (radio frequency exciter and transceiver); Machine learning
Cao, Wenjun曹雯君Department of Civil EngineeringCircular economy, Circular construction; Cyber civil infrastructure and digital twin; System identification and health monitoring
Cao, Yanjia曹彦佳Department of GeographyHealth geography; Spatial data science; Health disparities; Spatial epidemiology; Space-time data mining; Data visualization
Cao, Yiming曹一鳴Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)Development Economics; Political Economy
Cao, Yuan曹原Department of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceMachine Learning; Learning Theory; High-Dimensional Data Analysis; Optimization
Cao, Yuan Sally曹原Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Cappelen, Herman Wright-School of Humanities (Philosophy)Metaphilosophy; Philosophy of Language; Conceptual Engineering; Metaphysics; Philosophy of Mind
Carless, David Robert-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Feedback for student learning in higher education; Learning-oriented assessment in higher education
Carroll, John Mark高馬可School of Humanities (History)Modern Chinese History; Colonialism and Imperialism in Asia; Hong Kong History
Casper J P Zhang張嘉鵬School of Public HealthAffective; Psychosocial; Behaviours; Individual Differences; Environmental Correlates
Cathryn Donohue-School of Humanities (Linguistics)Morphosyntax, esp. case theory; non-canonical case marking; Lexical semantics: morphology/semantics/syntax interface; argument realization; Tonal phenomena; Experimental methods in linguistics: field methods, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistic experiments; Language areas: Tibeto-Burman, Basque, Chinese, SE Asian
Cerin, Ester施綺芸School of Public HealthEnvironmental and behavioural determinants of brain and cognitive health; Physical activity and health outcomes; Moderators and mediators of health behaviour change; Psychosocial and environmental determinants of physical activity behaviour
Cha, Joohang Javier-School of Humanities (History)Intellectual and cultural history of East Asia; Digital history; Comparative studies of data centers and the cloud industry; Big data energetics; Artificial intelligence and the humanities; Cultural analytics
Cha, Sung Kwang-School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Korean Studies)
Chan, Agnes Sze Wah陳思華Centre for PanorOmic Sciences