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Approximating the Ordering Probabilities of Multi-entry Competitions by a Simple MethodLo, VS; Bacon-Shone, JH2008363
Bilingualism and multilingualism in the HKSAR: Language surveys and Hong Kong's changing linguistic profileBolton, K; Bacon-Shone, JH2008516
Charting multilingualism: language censuses and language surveys in Hong KongBacon-Shone, JH; Bolton, KR1998260
Health financing reformLeung, GM; Bacon-Shone, JH2006214
History, ethics and forces of changeBacon-Shone, JH; Leung, GM2007224
Horse racingBacon-Shone, JH2011122
Organisational, management and quality of care issuesLeung, GM; Bacon-Shone, JH2006195
Preschool behaviour disorders in Hong Kong: a cross-cultural perspectiveMak-Lieh, F; Luk, ESL; Leung, PWL; Bacon-Shone, JH1995101
Privacy and Law Reform: What can we learn from the Hong Kong process?Bacon-Shone, JH201427
Public opinionChung, RTY199680
Public opinion in the late transition periodChung, RTY199673
Recent developments in the area of creative thinking in Hong KongSpinks, JA; Yu-Ku, HHY; Shek, DTL; Bacon-Shone, JH1996123
The 'representativeness' of the senior civil service in Hong KongBacon-Shone, JH; Burns, JP198532
A short history of compositional data analysisBacon-Shone, JH201188
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