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Academic discourse: English in a global contextHyland, KL200914
Academic English: Skills for SuccessChan, LHY; Chan, LSW; Legg, MG; Tsang, WL2012215
Academic evaluation: review genres in university settingsHyland, KL; Diani, G200915
Birds flying eastLam, ASL2008138
Continuum Companion to DiscourseHyland, KL; Paltridge, B201195
Corpus Applications in Applied LinguisticsHyland, KL; Chau, MH; Handford, M2012117
Disciplinary identities: individuality and community in academic discourseHyland, KL2012112
Discourse studies reader: essential excerptsHyland, KL201335
Eighteen haikus for XiamenLam, ASL200891
Exploring teachers’ experiences in curriculum implementation in China: case studies of four secondary school English teachersWang, W200989
Fostering autonomy in language learningGardner, DP201121
Innovation and change in English language educationHyland, KL; Wong, LLC201362
Learning to Become a Professional in a Textually-Mediated World: A Text-Oriented Study of Placement PracticesLau, K201285
MuseLam, ASL201079
My cerebral childLam, ASL200984
OnionLam, ASL201255
South East Asian Review of LiteratureLam, ASL201254
Stance and voice in written academic genresHyland, KL; Guida, CS201268
Teachers' pedagogical decisions in the writing classroom: a case study at a Hong Kong universityTang, KK200957
Teaching and researching writing (2nd ed.)Hyland, KL2009118
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