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Undergraduates' learning experience and learning process: Quantitative evidence from the EastWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC; Prosser, MT; Watkins, DA2009187
Understanding Learning and Teaching: the experience in higher educationProsser, MT; Trigwell, K2007171
Universal Depresion Prevention via Mobile PhonesWhittaker, R; Merry, S; Stasiak, K; Mc-Dowell, H; Doherty, I; Shepherd, M; Dorey, E; Ameratunga, S; Rodgers, A201248
University academics' experience of research and its relationship to their experience of teachingProsser, M; Martin, E; Trigwell, K; Ramsden, P; Middleton, H200899
Use and Evaluation of a Technology-Rich Experimental Collaborative Classroom.Salter Menzo, DJ; Thomson, DL; Fox, RMK; Lam, LK201281
The use of animation in engaging teachers and students in assessmentChan, CKY201154
The Use Of Mobile Devices In Problem Based Learning At The University Of Hong KongDoherty, I; Chan, LK; Bridges, SM; Jin, J; Lawrence, M; Sharma, N201342
The use of mobile devices in Problem-Based Learning at The University of Hong KongDoherty, I; Chan, LK; Bridges, SM; JIN, J; Ng, ML; Sharma, N201328
Using cloud computing and mobile devices to facilitate students' learning through e-learning gamesTam, V; Yi, A; Lam, EY; Chan, C; Yuen, AHK201341
Using phenomenography to understand the research teaching nexusTrigwell, K; Prosser, M2009128
The Value of an E-learning Reference Group for Furthering A Faculty E-learning StrategyDoherty, I; Honey, M201049
Venturing into a culturally diverse world: Hong Kong university students’ experiences and learning outcomes of international educationYang, M; Webster, BJ; Prosser, MT2009106
Web 2.0 for Interprofessional Learning in Health Professional EducationDoherty, I; McKimm, J200948
Web 2.0: A movement within the health communityDoherty, I200889
What makes high-quality research experience of research postgraduates? Implications from Mainland Chinese research students’ experiences at the University of Hong KongZeng, M201187
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf: Making sense of the results of randomised control trialsLanin, N; Webster, BJ200768
The Wired Sage Takes to the Virtual Stage: Technology, Complexity and a Framework for Effective E-teachingDoherty, I200649
The World Towards Educational Globalisation: Our Challenges – Reform, Culture And Outcomes?Chan, CKY2009131
Writers write life-writing: Turning the Imaginary World into Reality in V. S. Naipaul’s “Jasmine” and Janet Frame’s To-the Is-land: an AutobiographyLai, CCI201213
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