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Quality of life and motivation to learn: A study of medical studentsHenning, M; Krägeloh, C; Hawken, S; Zhao, Y; Doherty, I2010117
The Quality of Life of Medical Students Studying in New Zealand: A Comparison With Nonmedical Students and a General Population Reference GroupHenning, MA; Krägeloh, CU; Hawken, SJ; Zhao, Y; Doherty, I201261
Quality of life: international and domestic students studying medicine in New ZealandHenning, MA; Krageloh, C; Moir, F; Doherty, I; Hawken, SJ2012109
Rapid Instructional Design: Increasing Educator Capacity for Developing Elearning SolutionsLee, S; Doherty, I201050
Rasch modelling of affective variables with ordered response categoriesWebster, BJ; Prosser, MT200895
Reinventing A Level 7 Programme In Electrical Engineering And Greatly Improving Upon Student Retention. Innovations 2007: World Innovations In Engineering Education And ResearchCoyle, E; Costello, F; Murphy, M; Chan, CKY; Shoemaker, L200774
Relationship between caregivers' reading habits and their child's oral healthPARTHASARATHY SRINIVASAN, D; Bridges, SM; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY; Wong, HM; Au, TKF201317
The relationships between the gametogenetic status of triploids or diploids of Manila clams, Tapes philippinarum, and their oxygen uptake and gill particle transportEkaratne, SUK; Davenport, J199353
Research experience at a Hong Kong university: a comparison between Mainland Chinese students and Hong Kong local studentsZeng, M; Webster, BJ2010116
Rethinking lifelong learning through online distance learning in Chinese policies, practices and researchYang, M200893
Roald Dahl: the great storyteller revealing his lifeLai, CCI200818
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: What is it? A personal viewProsser, MT2008111
Simulated Learning for Clinical Skill Acquisition and RetentionDoherty, I; Hansen, M; McCann, L; Oosthuizen, G; McHardy, K; Greig, S; Pasley, T; Windsor, J200843
Small business owners: Too busy to train?Walker, E; Redmond, J; Webster, B; Le Clus, M2007120
Social Bookmarking Repositories -Churchill, D; Law, NWY; Salter Menzo, DJ; Tai, BYT2009109
Social Bookmarking-Repository-Networking: Possibilities for Support of Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationChurchill, D; Wong, W; Law, N; Salter, D; Tai, B2009304
Social involvement and development as a response to the campus student cultureYang, M; Chau, AWL2011127
Staff development workshops for teaching with Web 2.0 toolsDoherty, I201036
Staff development workshops: Web 2.0 for teaching and learningDoherty, I; Blake, A; Cooper, P200947
Staff progress review: a report to the teaching quality committeeCooke, BL; MacKinnon, MM; Chan, RYP; Law, SP; Marsh, JP199670
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