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IClass assessment: a pen-based assessment and feedback platformFok, WWT; Chan, CKY201328
Identifying and understanding the graduate attributes learning outcomes in a case study of community service experiential learning projectChan, CKY201295
The Impact Of Culture, Discipline And Unguided Instruction In Problem-based Learning ApproachChan, CKY200990
The impact of online laboratory to student learningChan, C; Fok, W2009122
The importance of relevance in motivating student learning.Kember, DR; Ho, A; Hong, CSL200882
Increasing child and adolescent mental health content in undergraduate occupational therapy, social work and nursing programs: Lessons learntLucassen, M; Doherty, I; Merry, S200847
Influence of PBL on students learning strategies and learning outcomesWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC2009111
Informal instructional design to engage and retain students in engineeringChan, CKY; Colloton, T201090
Instruction and technology, designs for everyday learning, by Brad Mehlenbacher, 2010, London, The MIT Press, 495 pp.,(cloth)£ 25.95, ISBN 978-0-26-201394-9Doherty, I201243
An Instructional Design Course for Clinical Educators: First Iteration Design Research ReflectionsBlake, A; Doherty, I200739
An integrative suicide prevention program for visitor charcoal burning suicide and suicide pactWong, PWC; Liu, PMY; Chan, WSC; Law, YW; Law, SCK; Fu, KW; Li, HSH; Tso, MK; Beautrais, AL; Yip, PSF2009275
An interactive and pen-based simulator to enhance eduction and research in computer systems: An experience report.Tam, VWL; Lam, EYM; Salter Menzo, DJ2009103
International Award Winning University Teachers Perceptions and Use of Technology.Salter Menzo, DJ; Lam, LK201091
International Education StudiesChan, CKY201176
International medical students and their quality of life whilst studying in New ZealandHenning, MA; Hawken, SJ; Krageloh, C; Moir, F; Doherty, I201226
International perspectives on creative staff developmentSalter, D201095
The journey towards new generation e-therapy for adolescents with depressionStasiak, K; Fleming, T; Lucassen, M; Shepherd, M; Doherty, I; Merry, SN201255
Journeys of intercultural learning through study abroadYang, M; Chau, A2010128
Laboratory learningChan, CKY201268
A learning design for engaging academics with online professional development modulesDoherty, I201034
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