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Blended learning and PBL: An interactional ethnographic approach to understanding knowledge construction in-situBridges, SM; Green, JL; Botelho, MG; Tsang, PCS201334
Book review: Exploring research based teaching (New directions for teaching and learning, No. 106), Carolin Kreber, Editor (Jossey-Bass, 2006)Doherty, I200866
Business metaphors in a bilingual business lexiconLan, L; Bilbow, GT200239
Can engagement in academic dishonesty be described as planned behaviour or lack of self-control?Henning, M; Doherty, I; Hawken, S; Kelly, F; Ram, S; Malpas, p201178
Capacity Building for Sustainable eLearning DevelopmentDoherty, I; Cooper, P200749
A case study in engaging academics in research-based professional developmentDoherty, I201282
A Case Study Of Community Service Experiential LearningChan, CKY2011107
A case-study in Technology-enhanced Collaborative LearningThomson, DL; Salter Menzo, DJ; Lam, LK; Fox, RMK2012101
The Challenge of Feedback: Too little too late.Salter Menzo, DJ2008101
The challenges and opportunities for professional societies in higher education in Australasia: a PEST analysisDoherty, I; Steel, C; Parrish, D2012151
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Aotearoa/New Zealand: An OverviewLucassen, M; Merry, S; Doherty, I200552
Communicating humanistic values through doctors’ and patients’ storiesChan, LC; Chen, J; Salter Menzo, D2009118
Communicating humanistic values: students perspectives through visual artChen, J; Chan, LC; Salter Menzo, D2009132
Comparing Scale Reliabilities: a Structural Equation Modeling approachChan, W; Kwan, J L Y; Zhao, Y201329
A comparison of learning experience of Mainland Chinese postgraduate student at Mainland China and New Zealand universitiesZeng, M; Shulruf, B; Webster, BJ2011120
A comparison of MCQ assessment delivery methods for student engagement and interaction used as an in-class formative assessmentChan, CKY; Tam, VWL; Li, CYV2011153
Considerations to evaluate equating results based on IRT calibration and equatingZhao, Y201194
Creating a learning environment to develop students’ reflection and communication about medical humanitiesSalter Menzo, DJ; Chan, LC; Chen, J2009161
Creating teaching objects: A case study of delivering recorded narrations in nursing educationLim, AG; Doherty, I; Honey, MLL2011118
Creating teaching objects: A case study of delivering recorded narrations in nursing educationLim, AG; Doherty, I; Honey, MLL2011120
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