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1α-Hydroxyvitamin D 2 inhibits growth of human neuroblastomavan Ginkel, PR; Yang, W; Marcet, MM; Chow, CC; Kulkarni, AD; Darjatmoko, S; Lindstrom, MJ; Lokken, J; Bhattacharya, S; Albert, DM2007199
Adherence of silicone oil to intraocular lenses.Wong, D; Williams, R; Batterbury, M199575
The adherence of silicone oil to standard and heparin-coated PMMA intraocular lensesBatterbury, M; Wong, D; Williams, R; Bates, R1994137
Adjuvant 5-fluorouracil and heparin prevents proliferative vitreoretinopathy: Results from a randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trialAsaria, RHY; Kon, CH; Bunce, C; Charteris, DG; Wong, D; Khaw, PT; Aylward, GW2001116
Age related macular degeneration [5] (multiple letters)Kelly, CSP; Edwards, R; Elton, P; Mitchell, P; Wong, D; Charteris, DG; Da Cruz, L; Chopdar, A; Chakravarthy, U; Verma, D200368
Age related macular degeneration: macular relocation surgery was not taken into account.Wong, D; Charteris, DG; da Cruz, L200369
Age-related macular degeneration and mimicking macular lesions - an unique stereoscopic adventure!Lai, WWK; Sarraf, D; Chan, RVP; Grover, S; Fiscella, RG2009106
Ahmed glaucoma valves in refractory glaucoma: A 7-year auditWishart, PK; Choudhary, A; Wong, D2010140
Akt (Protein Kinase B) subtypes in retinal ischemic postconditioningRoth, S; Dreixler, JC; Shaikh, AR; Alexander, M; Marcet, M201089
Aldose reductase deficiency protects the retinal neurons in a mouse model of retinopathy of prematurityFu, Z; Li, SY; Wong, D; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY201288
Aldose reductase deficiency reduced vascular changes in neonatal mouse retina in oxygen-induced retinopathyFu, ZJ; Li, SY; Kociok, N; Wong, D; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY2012130
Aldose reductase deficiency reduces retinal injury in the mouse oxygen-induced retinopathy modelLo, AC; Fu, Z; Li, SY; Wong, D; Chung, SK201178
Angle Closure GlaucomaCheung, JJC; Pong, JCF; Chan, CHY; Lai, JSM2009152
Angle configuration after argon laser peripheral iridoplasty and cataract extraction using anterior segment optical coherence tomography in acute phacomorphic angle closureChan, RYC; Tang, EWH; Lai, JSM2010116
Apoptosis and other cell death mechanisms after retinal detachment: Implications for photoreceptor rescueLo, ACY; Woo, TTY; Wong, RLM; Wong, D2011154
Are we getting better at treating retinal detachment? Technology, referral pattern or primary care?Wong, D; McGalliard, J199785
Asian eyelid rejuvenation using monopolar radiofrequency and botulinum toxin chemodenervation.Yu, CS; Biesman, BS; Shek, SYN; Yeung, CK; Tse, KK; Chan, HH2008116
Aspergillus infection of the orbital apex masquerading as tolosa-hunt syndromeMarcet, MM; Yang, W; Albert, DM; Salamat, MS; Appen, RE2007117
Authors' responseVeckeneer, MA; Wong, D201061
Basal Cell CarcinomaMarcet, MM201089
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