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Acoustic analysis of different Cantonese opera singing stylesNg, ML; Wong, C; Chen, Y201187
Acoustic analysis of hypernasalityLee, SYA; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL2002123
Acoustic analysis of lexical tone contrasts in dysarthriaWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V2000132
Acoustic analysis of prosody for Cantonese normal and aphasic discourseLee, A; Kong, PH; Law, SP2009117
An acoustic analysis of unreleased stop consonants in word-final positionCiocca, V; Wong, LLN; So, LKH1994198
Acoustic characterization of accented English produced by primary 5 and 6 students of Hong Kong.Ho, SC; Ng, ML201226
Acoustic distinction of Cantonese long and short vowelsSo, LKH; Wang, J1996107
Acoustic features and skin vibration of Mandarin broadcasterWang, G; Warhurst, S; Yiu, EML201323
Acoustic features of English vowels produced by Cantonese-English bilingual speakersChen, Y; Ng, ML200993
Acoustic features of radio performers’ voicesWurhurst, S; Madill, C; McCabe, P; Yiu, EML; Heard, R201261
An acoustic study of the aspiration contrast in Cantonese-speaking dysarthric and non-nondysarthric adultsWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Yuan, A199875
An acoustics-based assessment of error patterns in English sounds produced by Cantonese ESL speakersZhang, L; Ng, ML2011103
Acquired dyslexia in MongolianWeekes, BS; Klingebiel, K; Su, IF; Zhang, Q; Zhang, X; Yin, W2007125
The acquisition of fricatives and affricates by Putonghua-speaking children in Beijing and NanjingSo, LKH; Leung, CS2001109
Acquisition of Putonghua (Mandarin) Phonology and its implication on treatmentSo, LKH1997119
Acquisition of stops in three dialects of ChineseLeung, CS; So, LKH200292
Advances in hearing aid therapyWong, LLN199479
Affordable hearing assessment equipment for developing countries: Field studies of a computer-based audiometerMcPherson, DB; Wong, M; Pang, S; Law, M2008123
Age of acquisition effects on action naming in progressive fluent aphasiaBradley, V; Davies, R; Parris, B; Su, IF; Weekes, BS2006111
Age of acquisition effects on Chinese character recognition: an EEG studyLiu, YY; Su, IF; Weekes, BS200889
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