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Acoustic Analysis of Different Cantonese Opera Singing Styles
Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
Ng, ML; Wong, C; Chen, Y2011187
Acoustic analysis of hypernasality
9th Meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association
Lee, SYA; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL2002208
Acoustic analysis of lexical tone contrasts in dysarthria
Conference on Motor Speech
Whitehill, TL; Ciocca, V2000217
Acoustic analysis of prosody for Cantonese normal and aphasic discourseLee, A; Kong, PH; Law, SP2009202
An acoustic analysis of unreleased stop consonants in word-final position
Proceedings, ICSLP 94, Japan, September 1994
Ciocca, V; Wong, LLN; So, LKH1994314
Acoustic characterization of accented English produced by primary 5 and 6 students of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Speech and Hearing Symposium 2012
Ho, SC; Ng, ML201257
Acoustic differences in adult-directed and child-directed monosyllabic Mandarin tone productions
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Acoustical Society of America. The Journal's web site is located at
Wong, PS; Yu, X; Zhang, G; Zhu, J; Yeung, T2012108
Acoustic distinction of Cantonese long and short vowels
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Speech Science and Technology
Australian Speech Science and Technology Association.
So, LKH; Wang, J1996137
Acoustic features and skin vibration of Mandarin broadcaster
The Voice Foundation Annual Symposium
The Voice Foundation.
Wang, G; Warhurst, S; Yiu, EML201362
Acoustic features of English vowels produced by Cantonese-English bilingual speakersChen, Y; Ng, ML2009160
Acoustic features of radio performers’ voices
Annual Symposium of the Voice Foundation, 2012
Wurhurst, S; Madill, C; McCabe, P; Yiu, EML; Heard, R2012122
An acoustic study of the aspiration contrast in Cantonese-speaking dysarthric and non-nondysarthric adults
First Asia-Pacific Conference on Speech, Language and Hearing
Whitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Yuan, A1998123
Acoustical analysis of voices produced by Cantonese patients of unilateral vocal fold paralysis: acoustical analysis of voices by Cantonese UVFP
IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication and Computing (ICSPCC)
IEEE. The Journal's web site is located at
Yan, N; Wang, L; Ng, ML201325
An acoustics-based assessment of error patterns in English sounds produced by Cantonese ESL speakers
Asia Pacific Conference on Speech, Language, and Hearing
Asia Pacific Society for the Study of Speech, Language and Hearing.
Zhang, L; Ng, ML2011144
Acquired dyslexia in Mongolian
Brain and Language
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Weekes, BS; Klingebiel, K; Su, IF; Zhang, Q; Zhang, X; Yin, W2007190
The acquisition of fricatives and affricates by Putonghua-speaking children in Beijing and Nanjing
The 2nd International Symposium on Bilingual Studies
So, LKH; Leung, CS2001183
Acquisition of Putonghua (Mandarin) Phonology and its implication on treatment
American Speech and Hearing Association Convention
So, LKH1997167
Acquisition of stops in three dialects of Chinese
The 10th Manchester Phonology Meeting
Leung, CS; So, LKH2002144
Advances in hearing aid therapy
Instructional Course on Tinnitus and Its Management and Workshop on Prosthetic ('Masker') Management of Tinnitus and Associated Hearing Loss
Wong, LLN1994118
Affordable hearing assessment equipment for developing countries: Field studies of a computer-based audiometer
Abstracts of the XXIXth International Congress of Audiology, Hong Kong, China, 8-12 June 2008
Hong Kong Society of Audiology.
McPherson, DB; Wong, M; Pang, S; Law, M2008182
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