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The Academic Debate on the Standardisation of Cantonese.Chen, KHY2008137
ACI and NCI FIND and the development of evidentiality in Modern English, with a note on Dutch (BE)VINDENNoël, D; Colleman, T2009151
'Afterword'Kerr, DWF200887
Allegories of Awakening: Melancholy, repetition and "race" in Charles Chesnutt's The House Behind the CedarsHeim, O2005114
Bad Boys and Bad Language: chou hau and the sociolinguistics of swearing in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1998315
The Bathos of a Universalism, I.A. Richards and His Basic EnglishTong, QS2000112
Believe-type raising-to-object and raising-to-subject verbs in English and Dutch : a contrastive investigation in diachronic construction grammarNoel, D; Colleman, T201286
Belonging and Placelessness in the Postmodern NovelSmethurst, P1998176
Between big words and small talk: the writing system in Cantonese Paperbacks in Hong KongLuke, KK199587
Both Sides of the MoonHeim, O200988
British Literature, 1970-2000: an overviewTong, QS2004158
Caryl Phillips'Smethurst, P; Kuehn, JC2003103
'China Abroad: Between Transnation and Translation'Kuehn, JC2009112
'China of the Tourists: Women and the Grand Tour of the Middle Kingdom, 1878-1923'Kuehn, JC200881
Chinese English, English Chinese: Biliteracy and TranslationHo, EYL2010111
Claude Levi-Strauss'Smethurst, P200392
Comparative literature in China'Zhou, XY; Tong, QS2002110
ConclusionWee, L; Lim, LLS; Goh, RBH201321
Conrad and ShakespeareBaxter, KI2008120
‘Conrad: Chronology of Composition and Publication’Baxter, KI200877
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