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Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy RiskBiddle, GC; Ma, ML; Song, FM201094
Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy RiskBiddle, GC; Ma, LZ; Song, FM201126
Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy RiskBiddle, GC; Ma, LZ; Song, FM201126
Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy RiskBiddle, GC; Ma, L; Song, FM201261
Administrative Innovation Adoption: The Case of Electronic Data InterchangeDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199688
Adoption of identity theft countermeasures and its impact on market value of global firmsLeung, ACM; Bose, I2009104
Affect and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Quality: Exploration and Directions for Future ResearchZhou, X; Schriesheim, C2008103
An Affine Model of Long Maturity Forward Rates, with Predictable Risk PremiumCarverhill, AP2004113
AIlying with large partners: Small Firms' Alliance strateay in exploration and exploitationYang, H; Zheng, Y; Zhao, X201258
Alternative techniques in accounting research: the use of experimental economicsHarvey, PJ199869
Analysis of Hong Kong's Current Position as Compared to SingaporeWong, RYC199978
An analysis of investment in identity theft countermeasuresBose, I; Leung, ACM201086
Analysis of RFID adoption in ChinaLuo, Z; Tan, Z; Ni, Z; Yen, B2007340
Analysis of the Bilingual Queries in a Chinese Web Search EngineLu, Y; Chau, MCL; Fang, X; Yang, CC2006116
An analysis of the impact of supply chain risks on market value of supply chain firms under partnershipsZeng, B; Yen, BP201280
Analyzing the risk and financial impact of phishing attacks using a knowledge based approachChen, X; Bose, I; Leung, ACM; Guo, C2009118
Analyzing writing styles of bloggers with different opinionsPark, TH; Li, J; Zhao, H; Chau, M2009177
Antecedents and consequences of idiosyncratic deals: the role of resource exchangeLiu, J; Hui, C; Lee, C2010562
Applications of quality improvement tools in Hong Kong: an empirical analysisLam, SSK199585
Applying Kohonen vector quantization networks for profiling customers of mobile telecommunication servicesBose, I; Xi, C200687
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