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Adaptive group consensus of coupled harmonic oscillators with multiple leadersSu, H; Chen, MZ; Wang, XF; Valeyev, NV201260
Adaptive learning rate for the training of B-spline networksChan, CW; Jin, Hong; Cheung, KC; Zhang, HY199880
An adaptive learning rate for the training of B-spline networksChan, CW; Jin, H; Cheung, KC; Zhang, HY199888
Adaptive nonlinear controllers based on neurofuzzy networksYeung, WK; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC199989
Adaptive rendezvous of multiple mobile agents with nonlinear dynamics and preserved network connectivitySu, HS; Li, C; Chen, MZ2011104
Advances in surface modification of biomaterials: Technologies and applicationsWang, M201133
AeroacousticsFfowcs-Williams, JE; Huang, L201188
Air and gaseous pollutant exchange in street canyons of different building height to street width ratiosLiu, CH; Barth, MC; Leung, YC2004132
Air distribution design in a SARS ward with multiple bedsChan, F; Cheung, V; Law, V; Li, Y; Wong, A; Yau, RMH2003117
Air flow and its modelling in solar chimneysChen, ZD; Li, Y200196
Air pollution in hong kongLeung, YC1997121
Air: breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells: Can they breathe enough air?Xuan, J; Leung, YC; Wang, H201190
Aircraft engine as a high-order loudspeaker?Huang, L201262
Airflow and contaminant distribution in hospital wards with a displacement ventilation systemQian, H; Nielsen, PV; Li, Y; Hyldgaard, CE2004130
Airfoil-blade micro wind turbinesLeung, MKH; Tham, AG; Leung, YC2009268
Alkali-catalyzed production of biodiesel from virgin oil and grease trap waste oilGuo, Y; Leung, YC2005158
All-aqueous microfluidics as a tool for functional materialsShum, HC201322
All-aqueous microfluidics: a platform for fabricating biomaterialsShum, HC201329
All-aqueous Multiphase MicrofluidicsShum, HC201320
All-aqueous Multiphase Microfluidics- Fundamentals and Biomedical ApplicationsShum, HC201333
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