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4. Buddhism and economic reform in mainland ChinaJing, Y2006163
A comparative study of Lao Tzu's Dao and the fourfold dependent origination and the three verses of the great perfection in the rNyingma schoolLin, Yu-hung; 林昱宏201338
A study of early Buddhist scriptural calligraphy: based on Buddhist manuscripts found in Dunhuang andTurfan (3-5 century)Tsui, Chung-hui.; 崔中慧.2010481
A study of Yogãcãra theory of the ten causesChan, Ngan-che.; 陳雁姿.2007394
The Abhidhamma Doctrine of Conditional Relations as the Synthetical Approach to the Dhamma TheoryKarunadasa, Y20067
Abhidharma and upadesaDhammajoti, KL2005151
Abhidharma Debates on the Nature of the Objects of Sensory PerceptionDhammajoti, KL201232
Abhidharma Doctrine and Controversy on PerceptionDhammajoti, KL2004124
Abhidharma Doctrines and Controversies on Perception (3rd revised and enlarged edition)Dhammajoti, KL2007146
Akara and Direct Perception: Vaibhasika versus SautrantikaDhammajoti, KL2007280
An English translation of the Dharmatrāta-Dhyāna SūtraChan, Yiu-wing.; 陳耀榮.2013139
The Apramana Meditation in the Sarvastivada: with special reference to Maitri-bhavanaDhammajoti, KL2010147
Aspects of Buddhist Psychology: A Study based on the Pali Suttas and AbhidhammaKarunadasa, Y20084
The Assembly for the Collection of Buddhist CanonsJing, Y2008106
The asubha Meditation in the SarvastivadaDhammajoti, KL2009122
Avalokitesvara in ChinaGuang, X2011134
Ākāra and direct perceptionDhammajoti, KL2004167
Bereavement counselling and support in Buddhist PerspectiveJing, Y200697
Between The Sacred And Profane – Sanshi Xinian FoshiSik, FR201092
Bodhidharma and his meditationGuang, X2006162
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