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A statistical study of the fertility and mortality situation in Hong Kong during the 1970's and 80'sHo, Wing-huen.; 何永煊.1989247
A study of M-out-of-N bootstrap approaches to construction of confidence setsChung, Kam-hin.; 宗錦軒1998258
A study of trade statistics of West Malaysia, 1947-68Chay, Yee.; 蔡儀1973231
A study on the beta coefficients of securities in Hong KongMa, Chin-wan, Raymond.; 馬展雲.1989441
A study on the predictive power of HKCE examination results regarding the performance in HKAL examination for science studentsFu, Tak-wah.; 傅德華.1989314
An analytical study of Hong Kong's private consumption expenditure figuresChan, Ka-wah.; 陳家華.1989488
An empirical investigation of the relationship between gross domestic product and international trade, industrial employment and industrialwages in Hong KongYau, Wing-yee, Annie.; 邱詠兒.1976203
An experiment with turning point forecasts using Hong Kong time seriesdataLeung, Kwai-lin.; 梁桂鏈1989205
An improved segmentation ruleMok, Hau-yin.; 莫巧言1996165
An investigation of the rainfall in Hong Kong in the past forty yearsLoong, Man-chun.; 龍文俊.1989231
Analysis of incomplete survey data with application to the construction of social indicators of Hong KongLai, Yuk-lin.; 賴玉蓮.1998227
Analysis of outliers using graphical and quasi-Bayesian methodsFung, Wing-kam, Tony.; 馮榮錦1987277
Analysis of ranking data with covariatesLam, Hon-kwan.; 林漢坤1998250
Assessment of influence in multivariate regressionTang, Ming-kei.; 鄧明基1998236
Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in generalized linear modelsTang, Pui-kuen.; 鄧沛權1992325
Bayesian analysis of wandering vector models for ranking dataChan, Kit-yin.; 陳潔妍1998307
Bootstrap estimation of variance in survey samplingFung, Tze-ho.; 馮子豪1987220
Calibration of examination marksChing, Ching-yu.; 程貞如1993400
Computing implementation of structural inference for linear models with student errorNgai, Man-chung.; 魏文忠1996174
Correspondence analysis and clustering with applications to site-species occurrenceLeung, Tak-ching.; 梁德貞1991272
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