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Bilingual, bidialectal and biscriptural processingLam, ASL1998122
Bolton, K. (2003). Chinese englishes: a sociolinguistic history: Book reviewBenson, P2005470
The cosmopolitan learner and falling in loveLam, ASL200873
Defining Hong Kong poetry in English : An answer from linguisticsLam, ASL200091
Effects of age : Child and adult differences, wolf children and the Critical Period HypothesisLam, ASL199886
Effects of the first language : Contrastive analysis, error analysis and other transfer studiesLam, ASL1998106
ELT Today: The experience of HKU and relevance for ChinaLam, ASL200593
English in China: A preliminary bibliographyAdamson, B; Bolton, KR; Lam, ASL; Tong, QS2002119
English in education in China: Policy changes and learners' experiencesLam, ASL2002107
ESP: Where are we?Lam, ASL1999154
From Language Policy to Language Planning: An Overview of Languages other than English in Australia: Books reviewNunan, DC1995235
Insights from experimental psycholinguistics : How language is perceived and producedLam, ASL1998104
Language learning experiences and learning strategy research: voices of a mainland Chinese student in Hong KongGao, X2007307
Language learning in China: The experience of four learnersLam, ASL200581
Language policy and learning experience in China: Six case historiesLam, ASL2002106
Laying down the law? Reflecting on course design in progressAllison, DM; Corcos, RD; Lam, ASL199477
Models of first and second language acquisition : Main factors in language learningLam, ASL199889
Perspectives on foreign-language policy: studies in honour of Theo Van Els (Book notices)Nunan, DC1999364
Poetry in Hong Kong : The 1990sLam, ASL199886
Poetry in the classroom: Some tips for teachersLam, ASL199978
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