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A new perturbation procedure for limit cycle analysis in three-dimensional nonlinear autonomous dynamical systemsChen, SH; Shen, JH; Sze, KY2009498
New positive realness conditions for uncertain discrete descriptor systems: Analysis and synthesisXu, S; Lam, J2004338
A new radial basis function for Helmholtz problemsLin, J; Chen, W; Sze, KY201227
New results on delay-dependent robust H∞ control for systems with time-varying delaysXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y200672
New results on H ∞ filtering for fuzzy systems with interval time-varying delaysZhao, Y; Gao, H; Lam, J2011541
A new skeletal model for fabric drapesSze, KY; Liu, XH2005119
New slave-node constraints and element for adaptive analysis of C 0 platesSze, KY; Wu, D2011168
New stability criteria for neural networks with distributed and probabilistic delaysYang, R; Gao, H; Lam, J; Shi, P200970
New stability criteria for neural networks with distributed and stochastic discrete delayYang, R; Gao, H; Lam, J; Shi, P200984
New theory of the FCC rolling texture transitionDuggan, BJ; Lee, CS; Smallman, RE199461
A new twelve DOF quadrilateral element for analysis of thick and thin platesSoh, AK; Cen, S; Long, YQ; Long, ZF2001168
New use heat transfer theories for the design of heat setting machines for precise post-treatment of dyed fabricsIp, RWL; Wan, EIC2011271
New versions of bounded real lemmas for continuous and discrete uncertain systemsXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y2007158
A new weighted rational cubic interpolation and its approximationDuan, Q; Wang, L; Twizell, EH2005122
Newton's approach to gain-controlled robust pole placementTam, HK; Lam, J199789
Nickel release behavior and surface characteristics of porous NiTi shape memory alloy modified by different chemical processesWu, S; Liu, X; Chan, YL; Chu, PK; Chung, CY; Chu, C; Yeung, KWK; Lu, WW; Cheung, KMC; Luk, KDK2009132
Nickel substrate covered with a Sn-based protection bi-layer as a photoanode substrate for dye-sensitized solar cellsHuang, Y; Feng, SPT; Chen, CM201329
Noise attenuation of compensators for rate and amplitude contrained systemsHui, K; Chan, CW1999109
Noise suppression of a dipole source by tensioned membrane with side-branch cavitiesLiu, Y; Choy, YS; Huang, L; Cheng, L201296
Noise-driven flowHuang, L199138
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