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American Jewish Bankers and European Recovery After the First World War: The Case of Kuhn, Loeb and CompanyRoberts, PM199880
The Anglo-American Theme: American Visions of an Atlantic Alliance, 1914-1933Roberts, P199775
Benjamin Strong, the Federal Reserve, and the Limits to Interwar American NationalismRoberts, PM200081
Berlow, A. (1996). Dead Season: A Story of Murder and Revenge on the Philippine Island of Negros: Book reviewsOwen, NG1998245
Between the nine dragons and a divine wind: how Hong Kong's weather might have affected an allied invasion to retake the territoryChoi, Cho-hong2002167
Black, Eugene RobertRoberts, PM200180
"The 'blanketing' effect of ordinary lanaguage": Donald Barthelme's Snow White and American MythsSlethaug, GE2002354
Bowles, Chester B.Roberts, PM199869
Bruce, David K.E.Roberts, PM199875
Case, Clifford P.Roberts, PM199869
Chandler, Alfred D., JrRoberts, PM199966
The City and the State: Historical Reflections on Hong Kong's Identity in Transition, 1997 & BeyondMacPherson, KL1997102
The city of evil and the great outdoors: The modern health movement and the urban young, 1918-40Pomfret, D2001775
Clifford, Clark M.Roberts, PM199867
'Colonizing through French-Language Textbooks in Indochina'Ha, MOY2005102
Commager, Henry SteeleRoberts, PM199967
Contesting Space, Power Relations and the Urban Built Environment in Colonial Singapore: Boook reviewsHill, RD1998269
Cooper, Chester A.Roberts, PM199869
'The Council has been your Creation': Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Paradigm of the American Foreign Policy Establishment?Roberts, PM2001226
Degler, Carl N.Roberts, PM199966
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