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A 10-year outcome study of an early intervention program for psychosis in Hong Kong (EASY) compared with standard care serviceChan, SKW; Tang, J; Wong, G; Chang, WC; Lee, E; Hui, C; Chen, EY201353
The -1997 G/T polymorphism in the COLIA1 upstream regulatory region is associated with hip bone mineral density (BMD) in Chinese nuclear familiesZhang, YY; Lei, SF; Mo, XY; Wang, YB; Li, MX; Deng, HW200564
A 3-year prospective study of neurological soft signs in first-episode schizophreniaChen, EYH; Hui, CLM; Chan, RCK; Dunn, ELW; Miao, MYK; Yeung, WS; Wong, CK; Chan, WF; Tang, WN2005173
A 3-year retrospective cohort study of predictors of relapse in first-episode psychosis in Hong KongHui, CL-M; Tang, JY-M; Leung, C-M; Wong, GH-Y; Chang, W-C; Chan, SK-W; Lee, EH-M; Chen, EY-H201340
-459C>T point mutation in 5′ non-coding region of human GJB1 gene is linked to X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathyLi, M; Cheng, TS; Ho, PWL; Chan, KH; Mak, W; Cheung, RTF; Ramsden, DB; Sham, PC; Song, Y; Ho, SL2009153
A case management model in the halfway house services of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong: apreliminary study of effectivenessYeung, Pin-mui, Maggie.; 楊冰梅.2006341
A longitudinal study of maternal anxiety from the antenatal to the postpartum period: risk factors and adverseoutcomes on infant temperament and developmentChan, Chui-yi.; 陳翠兒.2012139
A longitudinal study of paternal mental health problems from the antenatal to the postpartum period: riskfactors, relationship with maternal factors and impact of gender roleand traditionalism-modernityKoh, Yee Woen.; 許逸雯.201266
A phenomenological study of auditory verbal hallucination in psychosisCheng, Tai-yin; 鄭泰然201361
A prospective study of high-risk behaviors and their risk and protective factors among adolescents in Hong KongChui, Hang-wai.; 徐恆慧.2008368
A study of ideas and delusions of reference in schizophrenia: phenomenological, cognitive, andphysiological explorationsWong, Hoi-yan, Gloria.; 黃凱茵.2010509
A study of self-efficacy and burnout among the mental health care workers in the psychiatric services in Hong KongChan, Nga-yee, Zoe.; 陳雅怡.2009317
A study of the effects of multi-sensory stimulation on pre-verbal communication skills of people with a profound learning disabilityChan, Chi-man.; 陳志文.2006211
A study of the relationship between peer influence and adolescent substance abuse: a social learningapproachPoon, Wai-fong.; 潘惠芳.2003779
A three-year retrospective cohort study of predictors of medication adherence in first-episode psychosis in Hong KongKwok, Shuk-kuen, Vivian; 郭淑娟201330
A1166C genetic variation of the angiotensin II type I receptor gene and susceptibility to coronary heart disease: Collaborative of 53 studies with 20,435 cases and 23,674 controlsXu, M; Sham, P; Ye, Z; Lindpaintner, K; He, L2010144
The abandonment of central executive? Fractionation of executive functions in patients with schizophreniaChan, RCK; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Chen, RYL; Cheung, HK2004134
Abnormal P300 in people with high risk of developing psychosisBramon, E; Shaikh, M; Broome, M; Lappin, J; Bergé, D; Day, F; Woolley, J; Tabraham, P; Madre, M; Johns, L; Howes, O; Valmaggia, L; Pérez, V; Sham, P; Murray, RM; McGuire, P2008162
Abnormal spatiotemporal processing of emotional facial expressions in childhood autism: Dipole source analysis of event-related potentialsWong, TKW; Fung, PCW; Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM2008195
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