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A comparative study of some possible mechanisms governing the intraluminal and intravascular release of 5-HT from the rabbitjejunumWong, Chi-yan, Joseph; 黃智仁1973280
A mechanistic study of the inhibitory effect of magnesium tanshinoate B on stress-activated protein kinase in ischaemia/reperfusionAu-Yeung, Ka Wai.; 歐陽嘉慧.2003338
A mechanistic study on the adverse effects of cigarette smoke extractson the delay of gastric ulcer healingShin, Vivian Yvonne.; 冼念慈2001224
A pharmacological study of the cardiovascular actions of 1-tetra-hydrocannabinol in ratsChung, Po-chuen, Joseph; 鍾寶全1977269
A study of heparin and protamine sulfate on ulcer healing in the rat stomachLi, Yang; 李陽1999182
A study of the acute and chronic effects of morphine on autonomic activities in ratsLeung, Man-kit, Christopher.; 梁文傑1986184
A study of tissue plasminogen activator in blood vessels: expression, regulation and vasorelaxing effectLeung, Chim-yan, Idy.; 梁佔欣.2009281
A study on the acute and chronic effects of morphine on rat stomachsHo, Mai-mai.; 何美美1986169
A study on the carcinogenic mechanism of nicotine in gastric cancerShin, Vivian Yvonne.; 冼念慈.2004532
A study on the role of probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus GG on gastricmucosal damages in ratsLam, Kai-yee.; 林佳儀.2006386
A study on the ulcerogenic mechanisms of cigarette smoke exposure on ethanol-induced gastric mucosal damage in ratsChow, Yip-chuen.; 周業全1997159
A study on the ulcerogenic mechanisms of nicotine in stress-induced gastric glandular ulcers in ratsQiu, Bosheng.; 邱博生1993167
Acute actions of osthole in the modulation of the vascular systemChan, Lai-yin, Matthew.; 陳禮賢.2007162
Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein: a link between inflammation and vascular dysfunctionLi, Huiying; 李慧颖2010279
Age-related physiological and pathological changes in the regulation of endothelium-dependent relaxations in mice and ratsKong, Wing-cheung, Billy.; 江詠璋.2011248
An experimental study of some patho-physiological and pharmacological aspects of acid-induced and stress-induced gastric ulceration in theratDai, Soter.; 戴樹焯.1974224
Cellular and molecular characterization of mammary tumor development in wild type and adiponectin deficient MMTV-PyVT miceLeung, Chun-to.; 梁鎮濤.201336
Challenges to arterial endothelial functionChan, Kiu-yan, Calvin.; 陳翹昕.2011193
Characterization of lipocalin-2, the pro-inflammatory adipokine, in the development of insulin resistance associated with aging and obesityLaw, Ka-man; 羅嘉敏201025
Cigarette smoke-induced inflammatory changes in rat heart in vivoFu, Shing-yan, Karen.; 符誠欣.2012140
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