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A comparative study of cytokine levels in the cord blood of women withand without gestational diabetes mellitusLee, Suk-kwan.; 李淑鈞2009207
A randomized double-blind comparison of acupuncture in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization treatmentSo, Wing-sze.; 蘇穎詩.2007280
A study of adenovirus mediated transfer of p53 and Rb in cervical cancer cell linesHuang, Tiangui.; 黃天貴1999275
A study of embryotrophic mechanism of human oviductal cells on mouse embryo development in vitroXu, Jiasen.; 許嘉森2000173
A study of genomic imprinting and DNA methylation in gynecological cancersChen, Chunling.; 陳春玲2001240
A study of microRNA-132 and -212 in murine granulosa cells during folliculogenesisLin, Sau-wah, Selma.; 林秀華.2010303
A study of p53-binding protein 1 in sperm functionYu, Oi-yan; 余靄恩201328
A study on natural killer cell cytotoxicity and lymphocyte subsets of patients with carcinoma of uterine cervix in Hong KongFan, Man-chuen.; 范敏泉.1990215
A study on the biological activities of glycodelins on lymphocytes andnatural killer cellsLee, Cheuk-lun.; 李卓倫.2009173
A study on the embryotrophic action of the complement component-3 derivative (iC3b) in the preimplantation mouse embryo developmentCheong, Wan-yee, Ana.; 張韻怡.2009239
A study on the in vivo and in vitro embryotrophic effect ofcomplement-3 (C3)Chow, Wang-ngai.; 周弘毅.2007238
A study on the influence of high glucose condition on cytokine secretion and glucose uptake in human trophoblastsChow, Ka-man.; 鄒嘉敏.2009294
A study on the role of temperature repressed sequence 4 (Trs4) in spermatogenesisSo, Kam-hei.; 蘇錦熙.2011181
Aberrant activation of ERK/FOXM1 signaling axis promotes cell migration/invasion in ovarian cancerLok, Tsz-mei.; 駱芷薇.2010189
Adrenomedullin as a modulator of human trophoblast invasionWong, Siu-tak.; 黃兆德.201288
AMPK activators inhibit cervical cancer cell growth through reduction of Dvl3 in Wnt/{221}-catenin signalingKwan, Hoi-tung.; 關愷彤.2011239
An investigation into the biochemical and biological properties of zona-binding inhibitory factor 1 from human follicular fluidChiu, Chi-ngong, Philip.; 趙志昂.2003232
An investigation of the action of cytokines on human endometrial and endometriotic colony forming unitsChan, Yat-yan.; 陳溢恩.2011149
An investigation on capillary electrophoresis-based immunoassay with laser induced fluorescence detectionOu, Jianping.; 歐建平1999183
An investigation on the effects of glutamine in culture meida on the preimplantation mouse embryoFung, Chun-kit; 馮俊傑1999183
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