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The sculpture of Antonio MakClarke, DJ1995139
The sculpture of Antonio MakClarke, DJ199599
Sesshu and Chinese academic paintingNg, Yuk-lan; 吳玉蘭1997687
Someone else's story-our footnotes: Contemporary Art of Hong Kong (1990-1999)Clarke, DJ200284
St Agnes of Rome as a bride of Christ: A northern European phenomenon, c. 1450-1520Muir, CD2004108
St. Catherine of Alexandria: The Iconography of a Scholar and a MysticMuir, CD199894
"Strange machines" from the West: European curiosities at the Qing imperial courts, 1644-1796Braun, Stephanie Eva.2011342
A Study in Iconography: St. Catherine of AlexandriaMuir, CD1996135
A study in iconography: St. Catherine of AlexandriaMuir, CD199691
Subaltern Writing. Tsang Tsou Choi: The King of Kowloon (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2002177
Teaching Intercultural Interaction in the Nineteenth CenturyThomas, GM200677
Teng Baiya and Mark Tobey: Interactions between Chinese and American Art in Shanghai and SeattleClarke, DJ200295
The art of Guillermo KuitcaLoayza-Lauffs, Mariana.1999269
The case of Wang Yiting (1867-1938): a uniquefigure in early twentieth century Chinese art historySiu, Fun-kee.; 蕭芬琪2000391
The Chinese Women's Calligraphy and Painting Society: the first women's art society in modern ChinaLeung, Mei-yin.; 梁美賢.2004369
The conventional and the individual in Fu Baoshi's (1904-1965) paintingSiu, Fun-kee.; 蕭芬琪.2004245
The development of the Jingdezhen kilns in the Yuan dynastyh[electronic resource] =Yeung, Chun-tong.; 楊春棠1989279
The development of the stars (Xingxing) artists, 1979-2000Fok, Siu-har, Silvia.; 霍少霞2002367
The imperial porcelain wares of the late Qing dynastyGuan, Shanming; 關善明1989418
The Joseon Fine Art Exhibition under Japanese colonial rule이윤영; Lee, Yoon Yung20134
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