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Raining, drowning and swimming: Fu Baoshi and waterClarke, D2006119
Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in TransitionClarke, DJ200280
Refuge and empty pavilions: encountering Ni Zan (1306-1374)Leung, Pui-yi; 梁佩儀2010234
Remembrance and Forgetting: Aspects of art and public space in Hong Kong during the handover periodClarke, DJ199996
Remembrance and Forgetting: Aspects of art and public space in Hong Kong during the handover period (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ200285
Remembrance and Forgetting: Public Space in Hong Kong during the Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ199976
Ren Bonian's Zhong Kui paintingsLuk, Yu-ping.; 陸於平.2004747
Research on the art of Zhu Ming with special focus on his Taiji', andThe living world' seriesLui, Shi-mun, Patricia; 呂詩敏1985238
Revised version of 'The Icon and the Index' published in the form of a computer diskClarke, DJ199792
Revolutions in Vision: Chinese Art and the Experience of ModernityClarke, D2008221
Rhetorics of Excess: Delacroix, Chopin, and Musical ArtThomas, GM200498
Ritual meanings of "water and land": a study of Buddhist cermonial paintngs [sic] of the Song and Yuan dynastiesMaudsley, Catherine Ruth.1998404
The sculpture of Antonio MakClarke, DJ1995139
The sculpture of Antonio MakClarke, DJ199599
Sesshu and Chinese academic paintingNg, Yuk-lan; 吳玉蘭1997682
Someone else's story-our footnotes: Contemporary Art of Hong Kong (1990-1999)Clarke, DJ200284
St Agnes of Rome as a bride of Christ: A northern European phenomenon, c. 1450-1520Muir, CD2004107
St. Catherine of Alexandria: The Iconography of a Scholar and a MysticMuir, CD199894
"Strange machines" from the West: European curiosities at the Qing imperial courts, 1644-1796Braun, Stephanie Eva.2011341
A Study in Iconography: St. Catherine of AlexandriaMuir, CD1996135
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