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Painting in western media in early twentieth century Hong KongLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.1996386
The painting of Yank WongClarke, DJ199598
Painting with Words: The Forgotten Dialogue Between Art and LiteratureClarke, DJ199993
Para/Site Art Space: Installation and Cultural IdentityClarke, DJ200284
Para/site art space: Installation and cultural identity in Hong KongClarke, D2000128
Patronage in the Italian RenaissanceMuir, CD1996100
Patterns in the collecting and connoisseurship of Chinese art in Hong Kong and TaiwanWear, Eric Otto.; 華立強.2000263
Performance art and the body in contemporary ChinaFok, Siu-har, Silvia.; 霍少霞.20081,098
Photo diaryClarke, DJ199674
Photo DiaryClarke, DJ199658
'Potential Source of Infection' Published in a Chinese translation by Leung PoshanClarke, DJ; Clarke, DJ200374
The Practice of 'Naturalism': The Working Methods of Theodore RousseauThomas, GM200089
PrefaceClarke, DJ200268
Psychic Decolonization (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2002100
Psychic Decolonization [The art of Luis Chan]Clarke, DJ199678
Public art in Hong KongCheung, Wai-ting, Stephanie; 張慧婷20041,549
Raining, drowning and swimming: Fu Baoshi and waterClarke, D2006119
Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in TransitionClarke, DJ200280
Refuge and empty pavilions: encountering Ni Zan (1306-1374)Leung, Pui-yi; 梁佩儀2010233
Remembrance and Forgetting: Aspects of art and public space in Hong Kong during the handover periodClarke, DJ199996
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