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On not being able to paintClarke, DJ200181
'Opportunities for overseas artists and art historians in Hong Kong' delivered in the panel Resources and Information on International Opportunities for Artists, Scholars, Faculty and StudentsClarke, DJ200288
Oscar Ho and the art of curating (with Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2005143
Painting in western media in early twentieth century Hong KongLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.1996387
The painting of Yank WongClarke, DJ199598
Painting with Words: The Forgotten Dialogue Between Art and LiteratureClarke, DJ199993
Para/Site Art Space: Installation and Cultural IdentityClarke, DJ200284
Para/site art space: Installation and cultural identity in Hong KongClarke, D2000128
Patronage in the Italian RenaissanceMuir, CD1996100
Patterns in the collecting and connoisseurship of Chinese art in Hong Kong and TaiwanWear, Eric Otto.; 華立強.2000264
Performance art and the body in contemporary ChinaFok, Siu-har, Silvia.; 霍少霞.20081,098
Photo diaryClarke, DJ199674
Photo DiaryClarke, DJ199658
'Potential Source of Infection' Published in a Chinese translation by Leung PoshanClarke, DJ; Clarke, DJ200374
The Practice of 'Naturalism': The Working Methods of Theodore RousseauThomas, GM200089
PrefaceClarke, DJ200268
Psychic Decolonization (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2002100
Psychic Decolonization [The art of Luis Chan]Clarke, DJ199678
Public art in Hong KongCheung, Wai-ting, Stephanie; 張慧婷20041,549
Raining, drowning and swimming: Fu Baoshi and waterClarke, D2006119
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