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The Imagery of St. Agnes of Rome in the Salisbury Breviary (Paris, BN MS Latin 17294)Muir, CD200385
Impossible DialogueClarke, DJ200382
Impressionism and Global ModernityThomas, GM200575
Impressionist Dolls: On the Commodification of Girlhood in Impressionist Painting'Thomas, GM2000106
In pursuit of classical professionalism: a consistent feature of Zhang Daqian and his artLaw, Suk-mun, Sophia.; 羅淑敏2000334
Indexicality and Iconicity: The Body in Chinese ArtClarke, DJ2005116
Indian women painters from the 1970s to the 1990s with special reference to the work of Arpana CaurLalvani, Tasha.2004401
The influence of oriental thought on postwar American painting and sculptureClarke, David J1988616
Instituting Genius: The Formation of Biographical Art History in FranceThomas, GM200281
The insufficiency of tradition: paintings by Fang Zhaoling and Chu Hing-wahClarke, DJ199577
The Insufficiency of Tradition:Paintings by Fang Zhaoling and Chu Hing-wah (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ200198
Introduction 'Hong Kong Art in the 1990s'Clarke, DJ200286
An invitation to words: the sculpture of Antonio MakClarke, DJ1994123
Invited contribution 'Artist-run spaces and the development of Hong Kong art'Clarke, DJ200163
Invited paper on nationalism and artClarke, DJ199693
Invited piece 'Subaltern Writing. Tsang Tsou Choi: The King of Kowloon'Clarke, DJ2001125
Invited speakerClarke, DJ199786
Jiehua of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)Chung, Miu-fun, Anita.; 鍾妙昏1999333
Kayama Matazo's NihongaParlett, Shiori.2003369
Landscape and Portraiture from the Tokyo Fuji Art MuseumMuir, CD199892
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