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A comparison of volatility predictions in the HK stock marketLaw, Ka-chung.; 羅家聰.1999493
A historical event analysis of the variability in the empirical uncovered interest parity (UIP) coefficientYuen, Wai-kee.; 袁偉基.2006287
Accounting and stock performance of initial public offerings and seasoned equity offerings: evidence inChinaOuyang, Liangyi.; 歐陽良宜.2004564
An analysis of the Hong Kong office property marketWong, Sik-kin, Simon.; 黃錫堅.1997285
An econometric model of spouse selectionLui, Hon-kwong.; 呂漢光.1996503
An empirical study of the relationship between specific human capital investment and separation while controlling uncertainty in laborproductivityHe, Yunfei.; 何云飛.2006186
Bank regulation, corporate governance and bank performance around the worldLi, Li; 李莉20091,166
Bank regulation, credit information, and bank cross-border M&AsDong, Hui; 董慧2010479
Banking procyclicality: cross country evidenceWong, Tak-chuen; 黃德存2012483
Banking system in China: performance and challengesLeung, Kin-pang.; 梁健鵬.2004491
Cash dividends and bonus issues in China: development, valuation effects and market efficiencyZheng, Yuchun.; 鄭育{22487c}.2004593
Choosing an exchange rate regime for a sub-national economy from an optimum currency area perspective: the caseof Hong KongChan, Sau-san.; 陳守信.1997251
Comparisons of currency board systems in Hong Kong, Argentina and other countriesNg, Chat, Charles.; 吳策.1999277
Competition in newspaper retailsYu, Yat-sze, Holly.; 余逸詩.2003257
Competition in the taxi industry in an information contextYeung, Chi-kong.; 楊志光.2000868
Contractual specification of quality measurement with special application to the United States domestic raw sugar futuresChan, Tak-lim.; 陳德廉1996402
Convertibility of renminbi in ChinaWan, Ching-yu, Stanley.; 溫錚宇.1995254
Corporate governance, connected transactions and firm valuationLei, C. H., Adrian.; 李卓雄.2005243
Credit default swaps (CDS) and loan financingShan, Chenyu.; 陜晨煜.201384
Cross hedging of foreign exchange riskWan, Chung-kum.; 尹頌琴.2000230
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