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Stimulation of non-amyloidogenic processing of amyloid-β protein precursor by cryptotanshinone involves activation and translocation of ADAM10 and PKC-αDurairajan, SSK; Liu, LF; Lu, JH; Koo, I; Maruyama, K; Chung, SK; Huang, JD; Li, M2011208
Baicalein inhibits formation of α-synuclein oligomers within living cells and prevents Aβ peptide fibrillation and oligomerisationLu, JH; Ardah, MT; Durairajan, SSK; Liu, LF; Xie, LX; Fong, WFD; Hasan, MY; Huang, JD; ElAgnaf, OMA; Li, M2011136
The effect of salvianolic acid B combined with laminar shear stress on TNF-α-stimulated adhesion molecule expression in human aortic endothelial cellsXie, LX; Durairajan, SSK; Lu, JH; Liu, CL; Kum, WF; Wang, Y; Koo, I; Wu, WK; Han, D; Lao, F; Huang, JD; Li, M2010113
Systematic review on the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines for Alzheimer's diseaseMan, SC; Durairajan, SSK; Kum, WF; Lu, JH; Huang, JD; Cheng, CF; Chung, V; Xu, M; Li, M2008103
Salvianolic acid B inhibits Aβ fibril formation and disaggregates preformed fibrils and protects against Aβ-induced cytotoxictyDurairajan, SSK; Yuan, Q; Xie, L; Chan, WS; Kum, WF; Koo, I; Liu, C; Song, Y; Huang, JD; Klein, WL; Li, M2008149
Salvianolic acid B inhibits hydrogen peroxide-induced endothelial cell apoptosis through regulating PI3K/Akt signalingLiu, CL; Xie, LX; Li, M; Durairajan, SSK; Goto, S; Huang, JD2007249
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