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The decapentaplegic core promoter region plays an integral role in the spatial control of transcriptionSchwyter, DH; Huang, JD; Dubnicoff, T; Courey, AJ199598
The torso response element binds GAGA and NTF-1/Elf-1, and regulates tailless by relief of repressionLiaw, GJ; Rudolph, KM; Huang, JD; Dubnicoff, T; Courey, AJ; Lengyel, JA1995101
Binding sites for transcription factor NTF-1/Elf-1 contribute to the ventral repression of decapentaplegicHuang, JD; Dubnicoff, T; Liaw, GJ; Bai, Y; Valentine, SA; Shirokawa, JM; Lengyel, JA; Courey, AJ1995113
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