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Deceit and Surveillance: Child Slavery in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1918-1940Pomfret, DM200479
Decoding China's new left phenomenonNg, Ting; 吳婷201160
Decoding the hidden A-gender: the gender factor in Cantonese utterance-final particlesTam, Wan-fong, Amy.; 譚韻芳.2012158
Decolonizing neoliberalism: new preservation movements in Hong KongSzeto, MM201075
Decolonizing Neoliberalism: Urban Cultural Movements in Hong KongSzeto, MM2010277
Deconstructing CreoleAnsaldo, U; Matthews, SJ; Lim, L200788
Deconstructing creole: the rationaleAnsaldo, U; Matthews, SJ200694
Decorating the Bund: semi-colonial ideology in the early history of the Shanghai Municipal OrchestraPang, IPL2010118
The Defining Theme: Anglo-American Relations in Philip Lothian’s WorldviewRoberts, PM200891
Definiteness and restrictiveness in Cantonese noun phrasesFok, Wai-kei.; 霍偉基.2003445
Degler, Carl N.Roberts, PM199966
Delayed accommodation: United States policiestowards Hong Kong, 1949-60Law, Yuk-fun.; 羅玉芬.2001426
Democracy and Human Happiness: Theoretical Explorations and Reflections on ChinaCi, J; Wang, X2002157
Democracy with Chinese Characteristics: A Political Proposal for the Post-Communist EraBell, DA1999594
Demonstrative interjections in Chinese dialectsLuke, KK2001104
Demystifying the Golden Age Craftsmanship of Qin MakingYang, Y200958
Departing from THE DEPARTED (2006): The INFERNAL AFFAIRS Trilogy (2002-3) and Ten Years of Film in (and out of) the HKSAR”Marchetti, G2007148
Departing from the departed: the infernal affairs trilogyMarchetti, G2010193
Description and Analysis (volume1) Text and Translation (volume 2) by James Jemut MasingMora, M199871
Description of the HKU Chinese Word Segmentation System for Sighan Bakeoff 2005Fu, G; Luke, KK; Wong, PW2005109
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