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Expected shortfall and value-at-risk under a model with market risk and credit riskSiu, Kin-bong, Bonny.; 蕭健邦.2006250
Expections for a newborn dargon: a case studyin a newly founded 'through train' schoolWong, Wai.; 黃偉.2001163
Experience of individuals with public housing: the case of Ma On ShanKwok, Woon-ming.; 郭煥明.1994226
Experiences and meaning reconstruction among Chinese women with breastcancer in Hong KongLeung, Pui-yu, Pamela.; 梁佩如2007314
Experiencing the city: a walkway system for Hong Kong's Central DistrictHo, Chi-kan, Hubert.; 何志勤.1995295
'Experiencing the unexpected behavior of nature': the outdoor museum of wall treesSiu, Pui-kei, Ronnie.; 蕭珮淇.2009405
Experiential synthesis of social workers with experience of working with female incest survivorsLin, Po-kee.; 連寶琦.1998204
Experimental analysis of the effect of prestressing on the design of steel framesLeung, Kui-wai.; 梁喬蔚1960426
Experimental and numerical studies of concrete beams prestressed with unbonded tendonsChan, Ka-ho, Enoch; 陳家灝2008257
Experimental and numerical studies of rain infiltration and moisture redistributionKaluarachchi, Jagath Janapriya.1984214
Experimental and numerical study on socketed steel H-pileLiu, Yiting; 劉依婷2008308
Experimental and theoretical studies of defects related emissions in ZnO crystalsDai, Xuemin.; 戴學敏.2009285
Experimental and theoretical studies of twin drivers and biopsy needledriver for MR elastography with applicationsZheng, Ying; 鄭穎2007211
Experimental characterization of the severe acute respiratory syndromecoronavirus spike protein and angiotensin: converting enzyme 2 towards the viral infectionLi, Kam-bun, Keith.; 李錦彬.2008156
Experimental housing for diversity of home in a high density cityYiu, Wing-kin, Jason.; 姚永健.2004318
Experimental investigation for designing passive fences to orient parts by pushingLam, King-fung.; 林敬豐.2009168
Experimental investigation of the electron-positron ratio in small airshowersLeung, Sun-yee.; 梁新兒1982175
Experimental investigation on the web stability of plate girdersWong, Ka-ching.; 黃家正1960417
Experimental studies of certain learning difficulties of A-level biology students in Hong Kong and the implications for teachingChan, Wing-cheung, Jimmy.; 陳永昌.1969224
Experimental studies of positron annihilation in semiconductorsAu, Ho-leung.; 區皓良1994294
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