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Applications of age-period-cohort and state-transition Markov models in understanding cervical cancer incidence trends and evaluating thecost-effectiveness of cytologic screeningWoo, Pao-sun, Pauline.; 胡寶璇.2006235
Applications of Bayesian statistical model selection in social scienceresearchSo, Moon-tong.; 蘇滿堂.2007360
Applications of braneworld models to the theory of gravitationWong, Ki-Cheong.; 王祺昌.2012198
Applications of frequency hopping systemsJiang, Chen.; 江晨2001212
Applications of FT-Raman spectroscopy in starch analysisXing, Jie; 邢杰2002617
Applications of harmonic mappings to rigidity problemsChan, Yat-ming; 陳一鳴2002279
Applications of high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to the structure elucidation, conformational anslysis and asymmetricsynthesis of natural productsWong, Ho-fai.; 黃浩輝.2002784
Applications of neural networks for industrial and office automationYip, Hing-fai, Devil.; 葉慶輝2001261
Applications of non-invasive vascular imaging techniques in cardiovascular risk assessment and managementHu, Rui; 胡瑞2006210
Applications of optical spectroscopy to studies of electronic and vibrational states in semiconductor nanostructuresNing, Jiqiang.; 宁吉強.2007228
Applications of photonic parametric processors in optical communication systemsCheung, King-yin, Henry; 張景然2007171
Applications of proteomics: identification ofgenes associated with anti-cancer drug resistance, liver developmentand regenerationChow, Hoi-yee.; 鄒凱兒.2006232
Applications of regioselective intramolecular oxidation by dioxirane generated in situ: stereoselective synthesisof substituted tetrahydropyrans and fluorescence probes forperoxynitriteChung, Nga-wai.; 鍾雅慧.2004166
Applications of stoichiometry, stable isotopes, and fatty acids for elucidating the relative importance of allochthonous and autochthonousresources in Hong Kong streamsLau, Chun-pong.; 劉振邦.2008484
Applications of T-rex tetracycline inducible expression system on identifying downstream targets of oncogenes in HCC researchDong, Suisui.; 董穗穗.2010268
Applications of the GIS to urban design in Hong KongChan, Pak-wai, Patty.; 陳柏慧2000438
Applications of vehicle location and communication technology in fleetmanagement systemsWong, Chi-tak, Keith.; 黃志德.2001235
Appliclation of photoacoustic spectroscopy and photothermal deflectiontechniques to specific liquid and solid samplesWong, Pak-kin.; 黃柏堅1994304
Applied radiolarian biostratigraphy and detrital mineral analysis of Mesotethyan and Neotethyan sediments from India and TibetBaxter, Alan Thomas.2010276
Applying advanced statistics to problems in tephrochronologyLee, Bik-wa; 李碧華2006298
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