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Identification of a glycodelin-C binding molecule on humanspermatozoaTam, Vernon Craig Goodheart.2007282
Identification of a minimal overlapping amplified region (MAR) at 19q13.1-13.2 in four ovarian cancer cell linesTang, Chi-man, Terence.; 鄧致文2001196
Identification of a novel interaction between the M2 protein of influenza A virus and cyclin D3: consequencesfor cell cycle progressionZhang, Yang; 张阳2011204
Identification of a novel PHI receptor in goldfish Carassius Auratus: implications of conservation of PHIstructure in vertebratesTse, Lai-yin.; 謝禮賢1999216
Identification of anaerobic, non-sporulating, Gram-positive bacilli from blood cultures by 16S rRNA gene sequencingNg, Ho-yin, Ricky.; 吳浩然.2010241
Identification of ankyrin repeats and SOCS box protein 4 (ASB4) as oncogenic biomarker in liver cancerTsang, Ho-ching, Felice.; 曾可澄2008220
Identification of bacteria with ambiguous biochemical profiles by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingChan, Yin-leung.; 陳賢良2001256
Identification of bacterial pathogens by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingTam, Man-wah.; 譚文華2002261
Identification of bacterial pathogens by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingLi, Kwan-hing.; 李群卿.2004204
Identification of binding sites for ophiobolin a in the calmodulin moleculeAu, Tai-kong.; 區大綱1997327
Identification of biological inhibitors of the mammalian thioredoxin systemSiu, Ka-wai.; 蕭嘉慧1999230
Identification of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as a novel angiogenic factor in tumor angiogenesisLam, Chi-tat.; 林知達.2008274
Identification of cancer subtypes and subtypes-specific drivers using high-throughput data wih application to medulloblastomaChen, Peikai.; 陈培凯.2012117
Identification of candidate genes for bone mineral density variation in Southern Chinese by integrating computational gene prioritization,linkage and association approachesLi, Hoi-yee.; 李凱怡.2010282
Identification of candidate tumor suppressive BLU/ZMYND 10-modulated genes in nasopharyngeal carcinomaChan, King-chi.; 陳敬慈.2010167
Identification of CD47 as a novel therapeutic target for hepatocellular carcinomaCheung, Chi-ho.; 張志豪.2011161
Identification of cis-regulatory sequence for the expression of epidermal growth factor (EGF) geneNg, Chi-cheung.; 伍志祥。1999164
Identification of differentially expressed genes in a newly established esophageal squamous cell carcinoma(ESCC) cell line HKESC-4of Chinese originCheung, Chi-man; 張志文2007315
Identification of dihydrolipoamide succinyltransferase as an antigenicprotein of the opportunistic fungal pathogen aspergillus fumigatus andits application in serodiagnosis of aspergillosisChen, Daliang.; 陳大量.1998230
Identification of DLX1 as a FOXM1 downstream target in mediating ovarian cancer oncogenesisHui, Wing-yee; 許穎儀2012185
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