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Introduction to special issue of the international journal of sports science and coaching: skill acquisitionButton, C; Masters, R201178
Introduction to the aims, methods and main outcomes of the PLACE studyLeslie, E; Owen, N; Cerin, E; Bauman, A2007109
Investigating a Dutch Movement Specific Reinvestment Scale in people with strokeKleynen, M; Braun, S; Verbunt, JA; de Bie, RA; Masters, RSW201314
Investigating the reproducibility of the DAPA (Dogs and Physical Activity) tool in Hong KongChow, LY; Cerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ201169
Investigating the use of analogy in speech motor learningTse, CYA; Masters, RSW; Whitehill, TL; Ma, EPM201059
Investigating the use of analogy in speech motor learningTse, ACY; Masters, RSW; Whitehill, TL; Ma, EPM201084
Investigating the use of analogy in speech motor learningTse, ACY; Masters, R; Whitehill, T; Ma, EPM201176
Investigating the validity and reliability of international physical activity questionnaire (Chinese version)Ho, Ying-kit, Edmond.; 何應傑.2003230
Investigating the validity and reliability of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Chinese version)Lee, Ching-yee, Cherry; 李靜儀2003198
Investigating the validity and reliability of the international physical activity questionnaire (Chinese version)Chan, Ka-lok.; 陳加樂.2003222
An investigation of the interaction between concurrent motor output and complex decision making.Masters, RSW; Raab, M; Maxwell, JP; Poolton, JM200481
Invited keynote lecture presented at the annual conference of the Japanese Society for Sport Psychology. Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan.Abernethy, AB200965
Involvement of Hong Kong youth in physical activity and sport: Extent, motives and participation factorsSit, HP; Chow, CK; Lindner, KJ2006102
Is optimal vision required for the successful execution of an interceptive task?Mann, DL; Ho, NY; De Souza, NJ; Watson, DR; Taylor, SJ200779
Is recovery a better marker of dysfunction than peak VO2 in children post operative pulmonary stenosis?Chan, Michael; 陳志彬2005160
Is the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) appropriate for studying pre-competitive emotions?Cerin, E; Szabo, A; Williams, C200192
Is the physical inactivity of girls a school issue?McManus, AM; Armstrong, N200070
A Judd illusion in far-aiming: evidence of a contribution to action by vision for perceptionvan der Kamp, J; van Doorn, H; Masters, RSW2009176
'Keeping it together': motor control under pressureButton, C; MacMahon, C; Masters, RSW2011162
Learning from the experts: Practice activities of expert decision makers in sportBaker, J; Côté, J; Abernethy, B2003147
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