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A 1.5 million-base pair inversion polymorphism in families with Williams-Beuren syndromeOsborne, LR; Li, M; Pober, B; Chitayat, D; Bodurtha, J; Mandel, A; Costa, T; Grebe, T; Cox, S; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW20011,777
10 Years After: Hong Kong Alive & Well?Weisenhaus, D2007752
13 interesting things to get your students active in lecturesMorrison, Tony20041,054
1683: An Offshore Perspective on Vietnamese ZenWheeler, CJ201096
17-part series on China's 17th Party Congress completed in both English and Chinese and posted to the China Media Project website (, September-October 2007Qian, G2007197
25-Hydroxycholecalciferol and insulin-like growth factor I are determinants of serum concentration of osteocalcin in elderly subjects with and without spinal fracturesPun, KK; Lau, P; Wong, FHW; Cheng, CL; Pun, WK; Chow, SP; Leong, JCY199078
28 key terms in Chinese media reformQian, G2006241
A 2D multirate Bayesian framework for multiscale feature detectionHajj, HM; Nguyen, TQ; Chin, RT199665
A 3-year retrospective cohort study of predictors of relapse in first-episode psychosis in Hong KongHui, CL-M; Tang, JY-M; Leung, C-M; Wong, GH-Y; Chang, W-C; Chan, SK-W; Lee, EH-M; Chen, EY-H201340
The 30-second Chair Stand Test in elderly Hong Kong ChineseMacfarlane, DJ2009275
4. Buddhism and economic reform in mainland ChinaJing, Y2006163
4th Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science Conference. Gold Coast, Australia.Abernethy, AB2010137
A comparative study of democratization in Hong Kong and MacauHo, Chi-keung, Albert.; 何志強.2001232
A comparative study of Japanese colonial rule in Korea and TaiwanLai, Kam-ming; 黎錦明.2001431
A comparative study of Lao Tzu's Dao and the fourfold dependent origination and the three verses of the great perfection in the rNyingma schoolLin, Yu-hung; 林昱宏201338
A comparative study of political leadership in Japan and South KoreaLi, Wan-hay.; 李允熹.1999342
A comparative study of press control in Singapore and the People's Republic of ChinaChing, Chee-fong.; 程芷芳.2001278
A comparative study of state-owned enterprises in the People's Republic of China and in TaiwanYeung, Hok-wo, Henry.; 楊學和1999291
A comparative study of the health care policies in Hong Kong and SingaporeSuen, Yuk-lam, Kelvin; 孫玉林2002302
A comparative study of the news media in Hong Kong and SingaporeWong, Kwok-ngan.; 黃國顔.1999355
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