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Validating a nonacupoint sham control for laser treatment of knee osteoarthritisZhao, L; Shen, X; Cheng, K; Deng, H; Ding, G; Tan, M; Lao, L201026
Validation of Chinese Medicine syndrome theory with a four-step approachChen, RQ2009101
Validity and cultural equivalence of the standard greene climacteric scale in Hong KongChen, RQ; Davis, SR; Wong, CM; Lam, TH2010150
Variability in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnoses and herbal prescriptions provided by three TCM practitioners for 40 patients with rheumatoid arthritisZhang, GG; Lee, W; Bausell, B; Lao, L; Handwerger, B; Berman, B200525
The variability of TCM pattern diagnosis and herbal prescription on rheumatoid arthritis patientsZhang, GG; Bausell, B; Lao, L; Lee, WL; Handwerger, B; Berman, B200423
Volvariella volvacea lectin activates mouse T lymphocytes by a calcium dependent pathwaySze, SCW; Ho, JCK; Liu, WK200460
What is the origin of acupointLi, L; Yau, T; Yau, C2012101
Wheat germ lectin induces G 2/M arrest in mouse L929 fibroblastsLiu, WK; Sze, SCW; Ho, JCK; Liu, BPL; Yu, MC200459
Which research is needed to support clinical decision-making on integrative medicine? - Can comparative effectiveness research close the gap?Witt, CM; Huang, WJ; Lao, L; Berman, BM201231
Z-ligustilide protects neuronal PC12 cells from oxidative stress by inducing heme oxygenase-1 via the Nrf2 and PI3K/Akt mediated pathwaysQi, H; Rong, J2010298
中药精神药理和临床应用Zhang, Z200949
中藥復方天仙液機器活性提取物抗直腸癌功效及機製的實驗研究Tong, Y20127
中藥標準化與中醫藥學教育、科研Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Zhu, S2004191
中藥熱敷治療退行性膝骨關節炎的臨床觀察Yiu, YM; Luo, WJ201326
中藥藥對在瘙癢性皮膚病中的臨床應用探討Zhao, L201297
中藥複方治療乳腺增生病的實驗研究進展Tong, Y; 沈, 紅藝200589
中西合壁愛顯奇蹟(抗癌篇宜與忌)Chen, J200854
中西醫學五臟相關性的比較研究Tong, Y; Zhong, L2009105
中西醫療坊. 不容有失眠Zhang, Jialing; He, Shuqiang; Lin, Zhirong; Huang, Deru; Ma, Lanbao; Li, Zhongxi; Huang, Yushi; 張嘉玲; 何樹強; 林志榮; 黃德如; 馬蘭寶; 李中希; 黃宇詩2002625
中西醫療坊. 中風能防Zhang, Jialing; Lin, Zhirong; He, Shuqiang; Huang, Deru; Pan, Zhiheng; Li, Zhongxi; Huang, Yushi; 張嘉玲; 林志榮; 何樹強; 黃德如; 潘志恆; 李中希; 黃宇詩2002615
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