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Bachelor of traditional Chinese medicine examination.2002159
Baicalein antagonizes rotenone-induced apoptosis in dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells related to ParkinsonismSong, JX; Choi, MYM; Wong, KCK; Chung, WWY; Sze, CW; Ng, TB; Zhang, KYB2012132
Baicalin can promote neuronal differentiation via modulating JAK/STAT3 and MASH1 pathways in rat neural progenitor cellsShen, J2009125
Baicalin can scavenge peroxynitrite and ameliorate endogenous peroxynitrite-mediated neurotoxicity in cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuryXu, M; Chen, X; Gu, Y; Peng, T; Yang, D; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Liu, K; Shen, J201336
Baicalin promotes neuronal differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells through modulating p-stat3 and bHLH family protein expressionLi, Y; Zhuang, P; Shen, B; Zhang, Y; Shen, J2012124
Baicalin protects neural cells against cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury by scavenging peroxynitrite.Shen, J201243
Baicalin Protects Neural Cells from Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by Scavenging PeroxynitriteXu, M; Shen, J201188
Baicalin protects neural cells from cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury by scavenging peroxynitriteXu, Mingjing.; 徐明婧.2011232
'Balance Yin and Yang' in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Golden mean view in ZhouyiLi, L201225
Balancing education of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines, enhancing sustainable development of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines in Hong KongFeng, Y; Yu, XC201322
Balancing education of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines, enhancing sustainable development of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines in Hong KongFeng, Y; Yu, XC201331
Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Chinese Medicines (In Chinese)Feng, Y200967
Bear bile: Dilemma of traditional medicinal use and animal protectionFeng, Y; Siu, K; Wang, N; Ng, KM; Tsao, SW; Nagamatsu, T; Tong, Y2009400
Beneficial effects of ondansetron as an adjunct to haloperidol for chronic, treatment-resistant schizophrenia: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studyZhang, ZJ; Kang, WH; Li, Q; Wang, XY; Yao, SM; Ma, AQ2006137
The beneficial effects of the herbal medicine Free and Easy Wanderer Plus (FEWP) for mood disorders: Double-blind, placebo-controlled studiesZhang, ZJ; Kang, WH; Li, Q; Tan, QR200775
The benzodiazepine partial inverse agonist Ro15-4513 alters anticonvulsant and lethal effects of carbamazepine in amygdala-kindled ratsZhang, ZJ; Postma, T; Obeng, K; Russell, S; Weiss, SRB; Post, RM200262
Berberine and Coptidis Rhizoma as novel antineoplastic agents: A review of traditional use and biomedical investigationsTang, J; Feng, Y; Tsao, S; Wang, N; Curtain, R; Wang, Y2009433
Berberine induces autophagic cell death and mitochondrial apoptosis in liver cancer cells: The cellular mechanismWang, N; Feng, Y; Zhu, M; Tsang, CM; Man, K; Tong, Y; Tsao, SW2010566
Berberine inhibits Rho GTPases and cell migration at low doses but induces G2 arrest and apoptosis at high doses in human cancer cellsTsang, CM; Lau, EPW; Di, K; Cheung, PY; Hau, PM; Ching, YP; Wong, YC; Cheung, ALM; Wan, TSK; Tong, Y; Tsao, SW; Feng, Y2009196
Berberine: an old drug but new use for liver diseases.Feng, Y; Wang, MN; Tong, Y; Tsao, GSW201279
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