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Torque, power and efficiency characterization of dental air turbine handpiecesDyson, JE; Darvell, BW199983
Torsional strength and toughness of nickel-titanium rotary filesYum, J; Cheung, GSP; Park, JK; Hur, B; Kim, HC201195
Total spontaneous regression of advanced merkel cell carcinoma after biopsy: Review and a new caseRichetta, AG; Mancini, M; Torroni, A; Lorè, B; Iannetti, G; Sardella, B; Calvieri, S; Calvieri, S2008106
Towards building a photo-realistic virtual human face for craniomaxillofacial diagnosis and treatment planningAyoub, AF; Xiao, Y; Khambay, B; Siebert, JP; Hadley, D200769
Towards developing a standardized method for selecting Research Postgraduate StudentsWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ201313
Traditional Chinese medicine and oral diseases: Today and tomorrowZheng, LW; Hua, H; Cheung, LK2011135
Traditional chinese medicine and temporomandibular disorders management: a reviewLi, LCF; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2011102
Traditional Chinese Medicine for Bone InductionWong, RWK200448
Traditional Chinese medicine for periodontal care - Rationale and scientific evidenceJin, L201317
Traditional Chinese Medicines and Bone Formation-A ReviewWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM200663
Tranexamic acid reduces blood loss in orthognathic surgeryChoi, W; Irwin, MG; Samman, N2008142
Transalveolar maxillary sinus floor elevation using osteotomes with or without grafting material. Part II: Radiographic tissue remodelingPjetursson, BE; Ignjatovic, D; Matuliene, G; Brägger, U; Schmidlin, K; Lang, NP2009109
Transalveolar sinus-lift procedure without bone grafting or barrier membrane useCorbet, EF2001279
Transcranial magnetic-stimulation mapping of the cortical topography of the human masseter muscleMcMillan, AS; Watson, C; Walshaw, D199882
The transcription factor Sox11 enhances early osteoblast differentiation by facilitating proliferation and the survival of mesenchymal and osteoblast progenitorsGadi, J; Jung, SH; Lee, MJ; Jami, A; Ruthala, K; Kin, KM; Cho, NH; Jung, HS; Kim, CH; Lim, SK201330
Transcriptional profiling of osseointegration in humansIvanovski, S; Hamlet, S; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, NP; Donos, N2011922
Transcriptional regulation of drug-resistance genes in Candida albicans biofilms in response to antifungalsWatamoto, T; Samaranayake, LP; Egusa, H; Yatani, H; Seneviratne, CJ2011169
A Transcultural Perspective on the Emotional Effect of Tooth Loss in Complete Denture WearersScott, BJJ; Leung, KCM; McMillan, AS; Davis, DM; Fiske, J200182
Transduction characteristics of rAAV hybrids in chondrocytes and osteoblastsDai, J; Rabie, ABM; Xu, R2006166
Transgenic B7-H3 therapy in oral squamous cell cancerYang, H; Zwahlen, RA; Chu, M; Luo, J; Zuo, DH; Sun, ST2008130
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