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Wage Structure Effects of Taiwan's Science & Technology Development PolicyVere, JP200395
Wage structure effects of Taiwan's science and technology development policyVere, JP200595
Wage structure when wage offers are privateLam, KC; Liu, PW; Wong, YC1995128
Wages, Employment and Futures MarketsBreitfelder, A; Broll, U; Wong, KP2008126
Waiting for the web: How screen color affects time perceptionGorn, GJ; Chattopadhyay, A; Sengupta, J; Tripathi, S2004154
Wang Laboratories, Inc.: a case study of strategic and organizational success and failureLee, Kwan, Vivian.; 李群19941,076
Water management issues for direct borohydride/peroxide fuel cellsLux, S; Gu, L; Kopec, G; Bernas, R; Miley, G201026
The wealth distribution and the demand for statusLuo, Y; Young, ER2009130
Web Fact Seeking Meta Engine for Business Information Needs'Roussinov, D; Chau, MCL200583
Web Mining-Based Objective Metrics for Measuring Website NavigabilityFang, X; Chau, MCL; Hu, PJ; Yang, Z; Sheng, ORL200689
Web Mining: Machine Learning for Web ApplicationsChen, H; Chau, M2004104
Web searching in Chinese: A study of a search engine in Hong KongChau, M; Fang, X; Yang, CC2007114
Web structure reorganization to improve web navigation efficiencyWang, M; Yen, B200786
Web-based virtual reality catalog in electronic commerceYen, Benjamin PC; Ng, Kenny YM200061
WebScore: An Effective Page Scoring Approach for Uncertain Web Social NetworksQiao, S; Li, T; Chau, M; Peng, J; Zhu, Y; Li, H201189
Welcome message from conference chairsChau, PYK; Lyytinen, K; Wei, CP200944
Welfare-maximizing vs. growth-maximizing shares of government investment and consumptionLau, SHP199568
What are people searching on government web sites?Chau, M; Fang, X; Liu Sheng, OR200797
What Do Managers Do When Immune from Hostile Takeover Threats?Meng, R; Liu, Z201093
What do managers do when immune from hostile takeover threats?Liu, Z; Meng, R2010107
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