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Validity and reliability of the Rahim Leader power inventory: an investigation in Hong KongLam, SSK1997160
A Validity Study of the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire in Hong KongLam, SSK1998208
Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in ChinaLuo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008229
The value of product diversitySuen, W199147
Variability in the effects of monetary policy on economic activityWong, KF200050
The variance gamma process and options pricingChang, EC; Madan, DB; Carr, P199888
Variance term structure and VIX futures pricingZhu, Y; Zhang, JE2007170
Variations of organisation structures of Hong Kong banks with different nationalities and the reactions of Chinese employees tothemLau, Lai-tak.; 劉禮德.1984262
Vector autoregression and the dynamic multiplier: A historical reviewStein, SH; Song, FM200264
Venezuela: The Challenge of CompetitivenessEnright, MJ; Frances, A; Scott-Saavedra, EE199678
Venture capital in Hong Kong: a perspective study and recommendationsYip, Ying-chi, Benjamin.; 葉熒志.1993216
Venture Capital Investment and the Growth of Entrepreneurial Firms in ChinaJiang, K201163
Venture Capital Investment And The Performance Of Entrepreneurial Firms: Evidence From ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K201395
Vertical differentiation and a comparison of online advertising modelsLin, M; Ke, X; Whinston, A2012137
Vertical Specialization and Firm PerformanceLu, Y; Tao, Z2008108
Vietnam in the '90s: prospects for trade and investmentO'Connell, Timothy Aloysius.1990331
ViewpointLau, HS; Lau, AHL199937
Viewpoint: Decision-making in committeesHao, L; Suen, W2009201
Virtual conglomerate as a production mode: China's industrial cluster developmentXu, C; Zhang, X2010118
Virtual objects in electronic catalogs: A human-computer interface issueYen, BPC; Ng, K2007119
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