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Oblique long waves on beach and induced longshore currentZhang, JE; Wu, TY199959
Observational equivalence and a stochastic cointegration test of the neoclassical and Romer's increasing returns modelsLau, SHP; Sin, CY199752
Occupational embeddedness and job performanceNg, TWH; Feldman, DC200882
Occupational embeddedness and job performanceNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2009121
Octopus: A success story of an e-cash payment systemChau, PYK; Poon, S2003209
Octopus: The Growing E-Payment System in Hong KongPoon, SPH; Chau, PYK2001209
Office automation at the Department of Management Studies, the University of Hong Kong: a feasibilitystudyChu, Ka-shum.; 朱家心1983279
Offshore office: a strategic move : a post-implementation review of Cathay Pacific Airways Sydney Data CentremoveTsang, Kwong-ping, Loretta.; 曾廣萍.1997294
Ok. Chopped Data? Not OK.Butts, MM; Ng, TWH200984
On Chen, Derong: Chinese firms between hierarchy and market, London: Macmillan Press, 1995Xu, C199563
On envelopes and envelope theoremCheung, Lai-ha, Freda.; 張麗霞1991254
On Fostering and Enabling Business Environment for Small-Medium Enterprise'Ho, M; Liu, PW; Wong, RYC200092
On FTC's 'Do Not Track'Sin, RG; Jia, J201269
On Hart, Oliver, "Incomplete contracts, property rights, and theory of the firm: an introduction to Hart’s book"Hart, O; Xu, C199885
On head-on collisions between two solitary waves of Nwogu's Boussinesq modelChen, C; Huang, S; Zhang, JE200851
On implementation via demand commitment gamesDasgupta, A; Chiu, YS199852
On Klein, Lawrence R. and Shinichi Ichimura, econometric modeling of ChinaXu, C200362
On Kornai, by force of thought: irregular memoirsXu, C201092
On Naughton, Barry, growing out of the plan: Chinese economic reform, 1978-1993Xu, C199683
On Privatizing Public HousingWong, RYC199867
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