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Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment: A barrier to trade?Spencer, BJ; Qiu, LD200156
Keiretsu and relationship-specific investment: Implications for market-opening trade policyQiu, LD; Spencer, BJ200247
Key success factors and innovation in the financial market data industryLi, Yin-kwan, Lorraine.; 李燕群1998525
Key to success in international telecom market: a regional focusLiu, Sien-lap.; 劉先立1997236
A Kinai gazdasagi reform sajatos vonasaiQian, Y; Xu, C199567
Knowing the Location: An Empirical Analysis of the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations in Asia PacificEnright, MJ; Newton, J200396
Knowledge Capital, Growth Opportunities And Leverage: Evidence Form Us Biotech FirmsLiu, Q200186
Knowledge Flows in MNCs: Hub-and-Spoke or Heterarchy?Enright, MJ; Venkata Subban, S; Williamson, PJ2009109
Knowledge management gap: Determined initiatives, unsuccessful resultsChan, INM; Chau, PYK2007180
Knowledge Worker Constraints in Productive Use of Information TechnologyDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199978
Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Direct Investment in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Kim, HK; Siu, AKF200390
A labor market based theory of regional economic developmentMathur, VK; Song, FM2000108
Labor mobility and fiscal coordinationYuen, CW; Razin, A199697
Labor training and foreign direct investmentLiu, Q; Qiu, LD201430
Labor training and foreign direct investmentLiu, Q; Qiu, LD201220
Labor unions and tax aggressivenessChyz, JA; Leung, WSC; Zhen Li, O; Meng Rui, O201358
Labour and employmentSuen, WC199585
Labour contract in China: an analysis of the contractual arrangement of human resources under a socialist marketeconomyChow, Kam-wah.; 周錦華.1995463
Labour importation in Hong Kong: a study of its implications on human resource management and workplacerelationsLee, Oi-man, Grace.; 李藹雯.1997492
Labour Market in a Dynamic EconomySuen, WC; Chan, W1997103
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