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Anglo-Chinese diplomacy in the careers of Sir John Jordan and Yüan Shih-kʻai, 1906-1920Chan Lau, Kit-ching1978462
Art and place : essays on art from a Hong Kong perspectiveClarke, David J1996556
Asian marine biology19841,825
Asian urbanization : a Hong Kong case-bookDwyer, D. J. (Denis John); Bishop, Peter, 1927-1971952
Asian voices in EnglishSymposium on English Literature by Asian Author (1990 : University of Hong Kong); Chan, Mimi; Harris, Roy1991497
Basic and applied aspects of vestibular functionInternational Symposium on Basic and Applied Aspects of Vestibular Function (1987 : Hong Kong); Hwang, Joseph C., 1934-; Daunton, N. G; Wilson, Victor Joseph, 1928-1988316
Bentley and Driver's qualitative chemical analysisDriver, John Edmund, 1900-; Bentley, Arthur Owen, 1898-1943. Qualitative chemical analysis1970393
Beyond biometry : holistic views of biological structureOxnard, Charles E., 1933-1981381
A bibliography of Hong Kong marine science, 1842-1990Morton, Brian1990314
The Bivalvia : proceedings of a memorial symposium in honour of Six Charles Maurice Yonge (1899-1986) at the IXth International Malacological Congress, 1986, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.International Malacological Congress (9th : 1986 : Edinburgh, Scotland); Morton, Brian1990374
The Book of literary designLiu, Xie, ca. 465-ca. 522; Wong, Siu-kit; Lo, Chung-hang; Lam, Kwong-tai1999510
Brecht and East Asian theatre : the proceedings of a Conference on Brecht in East Asian TheatreTatlow, Antony; Conference on Brecht in East Asian Theatre (1981 : Hong Kong); Wong, Tak-wai1982557
Building enclosure in Hong KongWong, Wah-sang1998639
Business associations : an introduction to agency, partnership and company lawShum, Chun-yau, Clement1991525
Cantonese love songs : an English translation of Jiu Ji-yung's Cantonese songs of the early 19th centuryChao, Tzŭ-yung; Morris, Peter T. (Peter Thomas)1992842
Catalogue of the living marine bivalve molluscs of ChinaBernard, F. R; Cai, Ying-ya; Morton, Brian1993614
Changing nature's course : the ethical challenge of biotechnologyBecker, Gerhold K., 1943-; Buchanan, James Porter, 1948-1996409
Cheques : an introduction to the law of banking instruments in Hong KongRoebuck, Derek1991420
China : building for joint venturesWalker, Tony; Levett, Denis; Flanagan, Roger1998333
China's legal awakening : legal theory and criminal justice in Deng's eraLo, Wing-hung, Carlos1995220
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