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Mr Kelly, Ashley Scott

Assistant Professor

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3917 7689
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Harvard UniversityMaster in Architecture
University of MichiganBSc Architecture

Ashley Scott Kelly is a designer, lecturer and researcher based in Hong Kong. His expertise focuses on advanced modelling of ecological phenomena, geospatial and heavy data, with academic research on environmental risk and policy, equity, aesthetics and the distribution of physical resources.  Key professional works range widely in scale, from the redevelopment schemes for New York's Penn Station to the winning entry for the city's 46,000-acre Gateway National Park, as well as several international planning efforts. Mr. Kelly offers Masters-level courses on rural development and environmental conservation, along with the MLA's core digital methods sequence. His teaching and research present a unique amalgam of highly-analytic computational design and region-scale environmental planning. Current research targets the ecological effects of the Sino-Latin American timber trade with Harvard's South America Project, alongside experimental GIS-based inquiry into complex spatial modelling. In these efforts, he has led students on international field research to Latin America and exhibited on regional climate change at the Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale.  Although concerning divergent topics, his work bridges important disciplinary and scalar gaps, connecting design, mathematics, planning and geography through tangible narratives and media. Ashley received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture form the University of Michigan and his Master in Architecture from Harvard University.

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Area of Expertise:
Area of Expertise (EN)Area of Expertise (ZH)
Rural development planning and environmental conservation
Resource geographies and political ecology
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Computational design and heavy data
China-Latin American studies
Architectural design theory and representation
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