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    HKU ResearcherPage: Tsia, KKM
    rp01389.jpg picture
    Dr Tsia, Kevin Kin Man
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 39
    Result pages: 1
    5 MHz all-optical swept-source optical coherence tomography based on amplified dispersive Fourier transformXU, J; ZHANG, C; XU, J; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201335
    Shot-to-shot spectrally-resolved characterization of continuous-wave-triggered supercontinuum near 1 umRen, Z; Qiu, Y; Wong, KKY; Tsia, K201321
    Interferometric time-stretch microscopy for ultrafast quantitative cellular imaging at 1 µmLAU, KS; WONG, TW; CHAN, CS; Lam, EYM; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201318
    Optical Time-Stretch Microscopy for Ultrafast Optofluidic ImagingTsia, KKM; Wong, KKY; LAU, KS; WONG, TW201321
    Periodically poled silicon (PePSi) for efficient and electronically-tuned nonlinear optics in siliconJalali, B; Hon, NK; Tsia, KK201340
    Megahertz-scan-rate quantitative tissue imaging by interferometric time-stretch microscopyLau, KS; Wong, TW; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201333
    Ultrafast flow imaging by 1 µm time-stretch microscopyWONG, TW; TANG, YH; LAU, KS; CHAN, CS; Lam, EYM; Wong, KKY; Shum, HC; Tsia, KKM201318
    Cost-effective approaches for high-resolution bioimaging by time-stretched confocal microscopy at 1umWONG, TW; QIU, Y; LAU, KS; XU, J; CHAN, CS; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201222
    Dispersive fourier transform at 1 μm based on high-order modes in few-mode-fiberQiu, Y; Xu, J; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK201280
    Dispersive Fourier transform using few-mode fibers for real-time and high-speed spectroscopyQiu, Y; Zhang, C; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK2012104
    Demonstration of minute continuous-wave triggered supercontinuum generation at 1 µm for high-speed biophotonic applicationsQiu, Y; Zhang, C; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK201269
    Wide-band error-free wavelength conversion based on continuous-wave-triggered supercontinuumXu, X; Zhang, C; Yuk, TI; Tsia, KK; Wong, KKY201268
    Cellular imaging by time-stretch confocal microscopy in the 1 µm windowWong, TTW; Lau, AKS; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK201254
    Pixel super-resolution in serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM)Wong, TTW; Chan, ACS; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK201282
    Optical time-stretch microscopy using few-mode fibersQiu, Y; Xu, J; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM201278
    Enhanced supercontinuum generation by minute continuous wave seedCheung, KKY; Zhang, C; Zhou, Y; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KK2011129
    Control of optical rogue waves in supercontinuum generation with a minute continuous waveLi, Q; Zhang, C; Cheung, KKY; Qiu, Y; Tsia, KK; Wong, KKY; Li, F; Lau, APT; Wai, PKA2011117
    A minute-continuous-wave-stabilized picosecond supercontinuum source for ultrafast serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM)Zhang, C; Qiu, Y; Xu, J; Wong, KKY; Tsia, KKM2011124
    Characteristics of supercontinuum generation under the influence of a weak continuous-wave triggerLi, Q; Li, F; Wong, KKY; Lau, APT; Tsia, KK; Wai, PKA2011106
    Fast swept-source generation based on fiber optical parametric amplifierZhang, C; Cheung, KKY; Chui, PC; Tsia, KK; Wong, KKY201190
    Result pages: 1



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