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HKU ResearcherPage: Rowlinson, SM
rp01020.jpg picture
Professor Rowlinson, Stephen Michael
  • Professor
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17206514 500000 Lowering the curve - construction site safety improvement: cultures consequences' 2014/2015
2 568308 Management of Heat Stress on Construction Workers in Hot and Humid Weather 2010/2011
3 HKU 715807E 431750 Stakeholder Management through Empowerment  A Paradoxical Approach to Modeling Project Success 2007/2008
4 HKU 7166/06E 356000 Organisational risk perspectives and risk management: impact on safety and health management 2006/2007
5 HKU 7122/04E 337631 The impact of culture on project performance 2004/2005
6 HKU 7113/03E 471436 Job burnout and construction project performance 2003/2004
7 HKU 7027/02E 413404 A transaction cost framework for optimal organisation of construction projects 2002/2003
8 HKU 7222/00E 437817 Benchmarking Hong Kong (and PRC) strategic planning competitveness in the construction industry 2000/2001
9 HKU 7211/97H 387550 An investigation into the understanding and implementation of the requirements of performance-based health and safety legislation among construction firms in Hong Kong 1997/1998
10 HKU 409/96H 416000 The virtually real (VR) construction process 1996/1997
11 HKU 279/95E 218000 An examination of factors moderating the effectiveness of goal setting to improve safety on Hong Kong's construction sites 1995/1996
12 JRS94/05 75595 The impact of culture on project performance 1994/1995
13 130400 Improving safety in Hong Kong's construction industry through the use of behavioural techniques 1994/1995
14 HKU 250/92E 289000 Construction site safety in Hong Kong 1992/1993
15 0 Computer assisted instruction in the teaching of construction technology - an assessment of student responses and implications for curriculum design 1992/1993



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