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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chan, CKK
    rp00891.jpg picture
    Professor Chan, Carol Kwai Kuen
    • Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-20 of 103
    Result pages: 1
    Social network analysis for knowledge building: establishment of indicators for collective knowledge advancementOshima, J; Matsuzawa, Y; Oshima, R; Chan, C; van Aalst, J201278
    Scaffolding teacher and student growth through a principle-based approach to knowledge buildingChan, CKK; Hui, DWY201264
    Assessment in knowledge buildingvan Aalst, JCW; Chan, CKK201166
    Knowledge-building teacher network (KBTN) in Hong Kong: Sustaining and scaling up knowledge building through principle-based innovationChan, CKK; Law, NWY; Hui, DWY; Fung, YH201198
    Towards a principle-based approach to teacher development in knowledge buildingChan, CKK201150
    Network structure analysis approach to knowledge building: A macroscopic view of group dynamics in discourseOshima, J; Oshima, R; Matsuzawa, Y; vanAalst, J; Chan, CKK201153
    Principle-based understanding in teacher change: A four-year case studyChan, CKK; Ho, RCM; Song, Y201168
    Blogging as a learning support during internshipChu, SKW; Chan, CKK201147
    Principle-based design for collective growth: From knowledge-sharing to explanatory knowledge-building discourseChan, CKK; Fu, ELF2011215
    Design and development of a formative assessment tool for knowledge building and collaborative learningVan Aalst, J; Chan, CKK; Chan, YY; Wan, WS; Tian, S2011158
    Effects of language-rich phonological awareness instruction on language and reading of English-as-a-second-language kindergartenersYeung, SS; Chan, CKK201158
    A principle-based approach to knowledge building: processes, challenges, and implicationsZhang, J; Scardamalia, M; Chan, C; van Aalst, J; Fung, YH; Tse, H; Morley, E; Messina, R; Kolodner, J2011118
    Enhancing the social and cognitive benefits of digital tools and mediaLaferrière, T; Viilo, M; SeitamaaHakkarainen, P; Hakkarainen, K; Oshima, J; Scardamalia, M; Bereiter, C; Chen, B; Chuy, M; Resendes, M; Van Aalst, J; Chan, C; Bielaczyc, K; Hong, HY; Zhang, J201170
    Constructive use of information and improvable ideas in knowledge building discourseFu, ELF; Chan, CKK201052
    Conceptual change and epistemic growth through reflective assessment in computer-supported knowledge buildingChan, CKK; Lam, ICK201066
    Scaffolding reflective assessment for conceptual and epistemic changes among chemistry students in Hong KongLam, ICK; Chan, CKK201068
    Assessing students' integrative learning in biomedical engineering from the perspectives of structure, behavior, and functionChan, YY; Yu, ACH; Chan, CKK2010153
    From activity-based to principle-based approach: A case example of knowledge creation for low-achieving studentsHo, RCM; Lee, B; Chan, CKK201051
    Engineering undergraduates learning computer system modeling in a constructivist learning environment: multi-level analysis of collaborative and individual learningChan, YY; Chan, CKK201062
    Characterizing and measuring epistemological beliefs: The four-dimensional approachLee, WS; Chan, CKK201058
    Result pages: 1



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