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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chen, G
    rp00671.jpg picture
    Professor Chen, Guanhua
    • Professor, Dept of Chemistry
    • Honorary Professor
    • Head, Department of Chemistry
    • Professor
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
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    Result pages: 1
    Towards Atomic Level Simulation of Electron Devices Including the Semiconductor-Oxide Interface
    International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices Proceedings
    I E E E.
    Markov, SN; Aradi, B; Yam, CY; Chen, G; Frauenheim, T201424
    Density Functional-Based Tight Binding for Atomic Level Simulation of Electron Devices Including the Semiconductor-Oxide Interfaces
    IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference, SISC 2013, Arlington (VA), USA
    Markov, SN; Chen, G; Yam, CY201318
    Model Order Reduction for Quantum Transport Simulation of Nanoelectronic Devices
    Proceedings of the 14th IEEE HK/Macau AP/MTT Postgraduate Conference
    Huang, J; Jiang, L; Chew, WC; Peng, J; Yam, CY; Chen, G201321
    A fast time-domain EM-TCAD coupled simulation framework via matrix exponential
    ICCAD - IEEE / ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design Proceedings
    IEEE Computer Society. The Journal's web site is located at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome.jsp?punumber=1000151
    Chen, Q; Schoenmaker, W; Weng, SH; Cheng, CK; Chen, G; Jiang, L; Wong, N201264
    Formation of novel pattern by programming cell motility
    Hong Kong Inter-University Biochemistry Postgraduate Symposium, 2010
    Liu, C; Fu, X; Chen, G; Tang, LH; Hwa, T; Huang, J2010130
    Formation of novel pattern by programming cell motility
    Research Postgraduate Symposium, the University of Hong Kong
    Liu, C; Fu, X; Ren, XJ; Chen, G; Tang, LH; Hwa, TTL; Huang, J2009119
    Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Diatomic Iridium Compounds
    The 63rd International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Ohio State University, Ohio, U.S.A., June 16,
    Pang, HF; Ye, J; Leung, WH; Chen, G; Cheung, ASC2008132
    Time-dependent density-functional theory for open systemsChen, G2008117
    Existence of A Density-Functional Theory for Open Electronic Systems
    International Conference of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering 2006, (ICCMSE 2006), October 27 - November 1, 2006, Greece
    Chen, G2006136
    Some recent progresses in density-functional theory: Efficiency, accuracy, and applicability
    Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
    American Scientific Publishers. The Journal's web site is located at http://www.aspbs.com/ctn
    Yam, CY; Zheng, X; Chen, G2006172
    Theoretical absorption spectra of silicon carbide nanocrystals
    Thin Solid Films
    Elsevier S.A.. The Journal's web site is located at http://www.elsevier.com/locate/tsf
    Shi, SL; Xu, SJ; Wang, XJ; Chen, GH2006159
    Theoretical Absorption Spectra of Silicon Carbide Nanocrystals
    European Materials Research Society 2005 Spring Meeting
    Shi, S; Xu, SJ; Wang, X; Chen, G2005148
    Quantum mechanical investigation of field emission mechanism of a 1 micrometer long single-walled carbon nanotube
    Theory and Applications of computational Chemistry (TACC-2004) Feburary 15-20, 2004 Gyeongju, Korea
    Zheng, X; Chen, G; Li, ZB; Xu, NS2004174
    Electronic structure and charge distribution of potassium iodide intercalated single-walled carbon nanotubes
    Applied Physics Letters
    American Institute of Physics. The Journal's web site is located at http://apl.aip.org/
    Yam, C; Ma, C; Wang, X; Chen, G2004724
    Error correction of calculated heat of formation
    226th American Chemical Society National Meeting, September 7-11, 2003, New York, U.S.A., 2003
    Hu, L; Wang, X; Wong, LH; Chen, G2003124
    Optical response of small diameter single walled carbon nanotubes
    Mechanics and Material Engineering for Science and Experiments
    Yokojima, S; Liang, W; Chen, G200398
    Localized-Density-Matrix Method, and its Application to Carbon Nanotubes
    Proceedings of Advanced Study Institute on the Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, March 31
    Yokojima, S; Liang, WZ; Wang, X; Ng, MF; Zhu, D; Chen, G1999147
    Reduced density matrices and effective hamiltonians in conjugated systems
    Abstracts of the 214th ACS National Meeting held at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, September 7, 1997
    Chen, G1997102
    A tight layout of the cube-connected cycles
    IEEE, Computer Society.
    Chen, G; Lau, FCM1997525
    Multi-Dimensional Entropy Sampling Monte Carlo Method, and the Free Energy Landscapes of Clusters
    Proceedings of Symposium on Frontiers of Chemistry - in Conjunction with the Second Conference for Worldwide Chinese Young Chemists (CWCYC-2) held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, December 20-23
    Tsang, CK; Wu, G; Chen, G1997166
    Result pages: 1



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